Low Income Dental Care Near Me

It is possible to find low-income dental care near you. Kool Smiles, a national dental provider specializing in children’s care, has clinics in most areas and offers affordable payment options for patients.

Keep reading to find affordable tooth treatment at a Kool Smiles dentistry close to your home. 

How to Find Low-Income Dental Care Near Me

It’s as simple as visiting Kool Smiles online and entering your address. You’ll be directed to a Kool Smiles dental clinic near you. We have over 120 locations all across the United States because we believe all children deserve a healthy smile.

Here is how Kool Smiles provides low-cost care:


Every Kool Smiles office accepts Medicaid, with no cap on the number of patients accepted. This allows children from low-income families to receive dental care.

Are you eligible for Medicaid? We provide our low-income patients with information about Medicaid and answer any questions they may have.

Other Forms of Insurance 

Many families rely on State Children’s Health Insurance Plans (SCHIP) to pay for the cost of their child’s dental care. Fortunately, Kool Smiles also accepts this option. Military families can also visit our offices, since we proudly accept TRICARE, the military’s insurance plan.

We also welcome most major health insurance providers.

Cash and Credit

For those who don’t have any insurance, we take Care Credit, a healthcare credit card that allows patients to make flexible monthly payments. We also take cash and credit cards.

Why Kool Smiles?

More than just low-income dental care, the Kool Smiles location near you provides children with high-quality, comfortable treatment. Our offices are designed to put your kids at ease about visiting the dentist. The large waiting rooms are colorfully painted, and most even have an indoor playground area.

Exam rooms are semi-private, so parents can be right there to provide comfort. Best of all, our friendly dental professionals know how to make each visit fun.

Dental care is important, especially for low-income families. Tooth decay is the number one childhood illness in the nation. Schedule your child’s first Kool Smiles appointment today.



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