The Flexibility of a MetLife Dental PPO Plan

If your employer offers a MetLife Dental PPO (DPPO) plan, you can rest assured knowing that your children’s oral care needs are covered. At Kool Smiles, you can find the best dental care for your children with all of the flexibility that a DPPO plan provides.

What Does MetLife DPPO Offer?

MetLife Dental Preferred Provider Organization (or DPPO) is a group insurance plan that may be offered by your employer. It offers flexibility for your kids to get dental services at an affordable price.

Here are some MetLife DPPO plan features you may see:

  • You have the option to choose any dentist for your children in or out of MetLife’s network of providers.
  • If you choose to take your child to a dentist or specialist within the network, you can expect fewer service fees than if you take them to a dentist or specialist outside the network.
  • Your children will not need a referral from their dentist to see a specialist.
  • When traveling within the United States, your children have access to any dentist or specialist in or out of network.

A MetLife PPO dental plan can give your children security in finding the dental care they need. With tooth decay as the leading preventive childhood illness facing American children today, it’s important to have affordable, quality dental care for all kids.

Kool Smiles Accepts MetLife Dental Insurance

Whether you’re covered with a MetLife dental PPO plan or not, dental care for kids is always affordable at Kool Smiles. Our MetLife general dentists are experienced in working with children and keep them at ease throughout their visit.

We accept most major dental insurance plans like TRICARE, SCHIP, and Medicaid with no limit to the number of patients we see with these plans. We can also help you enroll for CareCredit when you visit our office.

To learn more about your MetLife PPO dental plan or how Kool Smiles can provide your child affordable, quality dental care, give us a call or visit your nearest Kool Smiles today.