How to Find a Dentist that Accepts MetLife

MetLife insurance customers can find kid-friendly dentists at all Kool Smiles locations. At Kool Smiles, we don’t limit the number of MetLife patients we see in a day. We offer affordable and professional dental care in a stress-free environment to keep your child relaxed and entertained.

Don’t let the high cost of dental care stop you from getting your children the dental care they deserve. Call us today to make an appointment.

Find Fun Dental Care at Kool Smiles

Not only can your kids get dental care at Kool Smiles with MetLife insurance, but they get to have fun at the same time. We know kids don’t like to sit and wait quietly, so we’ve created offices that allow them to have fun before their appointments.

Our offices provide large, brightly colored waiting areas full of games and toys. Most of our offices even have play equipment for children to play on.

For parents, we have viewing areas where you can watch your child’s exam if you choose not to go into the treatment room. You are also allowed to go into the examination room, if you prefer.

Our Dentists Accept Other Insurance Plans

MetLife is just one of many insurance providers we accept. Our dentists accept Medicaid, most major insurance plans, and TRICARE. 

For those children who are not covered by a dental plan, we also accept cash and credit card payments. We’ll even help parents sign up for CareCredit in our offices. 

Find Your Child’s MetLife Dentist at Kool Smiles

You can help ensure your child’s oral development and long-term well-being with regular dental checkups. Find a MetLife dentist at one of our Kool Smiles locations, and schedule an appointment for your child by calling us today.