A Mouth Guard Can Help Protect Your Child’s Teeth

Children deserve a lifetime of healthy smiles, but sports injuries, nighttime grinding, and cavities could affect this. Mouth guards are one way that parents can protect your child’s pearly whites.

Here are some facts about mouth guards and how to know if they are the right fit for your child.

Why Your Child Needs a Mouth Guard

Losing teeth can be costly, embarrassing, and can make it hard for children to chew. Therefore, protecting your child’s smile should be a top priority.

Mouth guards are usually worn by children who play sports, where the risk for knocking out a tooth is higher. However, mouth guards can help protect teeth from other types of damage like nighttime grinding that causes abnormal wear on teeth. In these instances, a mouth guard can help protect your child’s smile.

Different Types of Mouth Guards 

Though mouth guards come in many shapes and sizes, here are four common styles

1. Stock Mouth Protectors 

These pre-made mouth guards are usually found at sporting goods and department stores. While they meet the requirements of many sports organizations, their bulky, one-size-fits all styles are not typically recommended by dentists.

2. Boil and Bite Mouth Protectors

This style offers a bit more custom fit. Usually purchased at sporting goods stores, these thermoplastic mouth guards are boiled to make them soft and then bitten to create a shape that fits your child’s teeth.

3. Custom-made Mouth Guards

These are designed by a dental professional and offer the most protection. These use a special material molded over a model of your child’s teeth. Due to the labor and time involved, these are most expensive.

4. Nocturnal Bite Plate

These special mouth guards are designed by dental professionals to prevent damage from grinding teeth. They are constructed in a way that is safe to use while sleeping.

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