Save Time and Money with One-Day Dental Services

Parents and children can both benefit from going to a children’s dentistry that offers one-day dental services. Instead of scheduling multiple appointments for complex procedures, bring your child to Kool Smiles.

Our dentists will work with patients’ schedules to complete as much of a procedure within a single visit.

When you’re in need of a clinic that finishes dental services within a single appointment, visit your nearest Kool Smiles office to learn more about our mission and services.

Save Time and Money with One-Day Dental Services

By completing your child’s dental needs in a single visit, you won’t need to worry about making another appointment or paying another copay. Your child’s dentist will work to finish as many additional services your child may need within the same day, when possible.

This can also be beneficial for children who are afraid of the dentist. Fewer visits mean that children who get anxiety about visiting a dental clinic only need to get their dental services done once.

Kool Smiles Gets You In and Out in One Visit

At Kool Smiles, we know your time is precious. Between taking time off your work or getting your kid out of school, we know it can be hard for families to set aside time for a single visit to us. 

That’s why our dentists provide after hour services throughout the week and hours on Saturday. We do our best to make sure all your child’s dental needs are addressed and taken care of within a single visit.

Why Kool Smiles?

63% of children would prefer a decorated clinic over a plain one, so we know your child will love coming to us. Our waiting rooms are brightly colored and filled with games and toys for your child. Most of our locations even have a full playground set.

Our mission is to provide children across the country access to affordable, high-quality dental care no matter where they live. If you’re interested in getting your child one-day dental services, come and see what Kool Smiles can do for you.

Get One-Day Dental Service at Kool Smiles

For more information about our services or locations, give us a call today.