Oral Health Lesson Plans for Teachers

Kool Smiles has free oral health lesson plans for teachers across the country to teach in their classrooms. Our fun lesson plans give teachers the tools to teach their students the importance of things like proper daily toothbrushing, flossing, and dental health tips. Each lesson plan includes fun activities and crafts that kids will love. 

Teaching Dental Health Lesson Plans in Our Schools

We have nothing but the greatest appreciation for teachers. Teachers help kids develop life skills for healthy minds and bodies. These life skills include dental care, which is why we provide downloadable oral health lesson plans for teachers to print out and teach in the classroom.

Curriculum for K-5

Our lesson plans engage children while teaching them. We believe that through fun activities like crafts and demonstrations, we can teach kids proper dental health. For example, the 2nd- and 3rd-grade lesson plan focuses on the importance of regular trips to the dentist.

Teachers can lead these lessons by asking kids about their own trips to the dentist and discussing why regular visits (twice a year) are important.

Additionally, kids will learn definitions for words such as plaque, tartar, cavities, and floss, and enjoy an interactive exercise using paint to see how plaque hardens on a tooth.

Additional Oral Health Teaching Tools

We also help parents with tools including our free iPhone app and fun activity sheets that teach kids about caring for their smiles while they color and complete other fun activities. 

The American Dental Association (ADA) promotes good oral hygiene by celebrating National Children’s Dental Health Month in February. The ADA website has all kinds of giveaways that work great in the classroom, including calendars, certificates, posters and activity sheets in English and Spanish.

Why Kool Smiles?

At Kool Smiles, our mission is to help all children get access to good oral health care. We make dental care affordable for all kids and accept most major insurance plans, like Medicaid and TRICARE.

Our offices have fun oversized waiting rooms filled with toys and games, and most of our locations even have full-sized playgrounds for younger children.

Learn More About Kool Smiles

To learn more about dental care or to make an appointment for your child, call us at (855) 854-3621 or search online to find a Kool Smiles location near you.



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