Activities to Make Oral Hygiene Fun for Kids

At Kool Smiles, we know how important good oral hygiene is for children and we want to teach kids some best practices to keep their smiles clean and healthy.

That’s why we’ve put together dozens of kid-friendly activities to help make learning about oral hygiene fun.

Oral Hygiene Activities from Kool Smiles

Our collection of activity sheets helps parents and teachers guide children to healthy oral hygiene. Some of the our topics include:

Our oral hygiene activities for kids include coloring sheets, word searches, nature walk maps, crafts, bingo, and more.

Kool Smiles Lesson Plans

Additionally, we have lesson plans that teachers can download to inform students about good oral health. Our plans, specifically for kids in Kindergarten through fifth grade, help children understand how their teeth are affected by what they eat.

The lesson plans include fun demonstrations, like using paint to show the effects of sugar and building a giant mouth to show how to properly floss.

Kool Smiles proudly supports PBS Kids by offering specially made games, activities, and ideas to our patients. We also have a mobile app that is free to download and features coloring sheets, brushing and flossing tips, and a fun brushing timer for kids.

Other Oral Hygiene Activities for Kids

There are a variety of additional places to find oral hygiene activities for kids. Be sure to check out:

Pinterest also has a number of fun activities for kids’ dental health.

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