Are Oral Surgeons Also Dentists?

Oral surgeons treat problems of the mouth, teeth, jaw, and even the surrounding tissues in the head and neck that go beyond general care. When dental issues become severe, your child’s regular dentist will be the one to refer him or her to a surgeon.

Keep reading to learn if your child needs an oral surgeon dentist.

Dental Issues Treated By Oral Surgeons

Oral surgeons treat a variety of common and more severe dental issues. These issues can be caused by improper dental hygiene as well as birth defects, trauma, and other conditions that may develop.

  • Wisdom teeth—Though general dentists can remove wisdom teeth, oral surgeons are usually brought in when the teeth become trapped between the jawbone and the gum tissue. Trapped wisdom teeth can cause permanent damage which is why dentists recommend surgical removal.
  • Tooth loss and dental implants—When a tooth is missing and dentures or bridges won’t work, an implant may be used. The implant replaces the tooth root and has to be surgically attached to the jawbone to support the new tooth.
  • Jaw surgery—Jaw surgery may be needed if the child has TMJ, dentures don’t fit properly, or the jaws are unequal.
  • Cleft lip and cleft palate repair—This requires a series of treatments and a group of healthcare specialists, including an oral surgeon.
  • Snoring and sleep apnea—Surgery is an option for this condition when non-surgical approaches don’t work.

Find an Oral Surgeon Dentist for Your Child

If you think your child is in need of oral surgery, make a general appointment with Kool Smiles for a consultation. Our dentists have years of experience working with children, and many of our offices have oral surgeons on staff. If your child needs oral surgery, we’ll refer your child to a nearby surgeon who can help.

Kool Smiles believes all children deserve quality dental care. Call us today to make an appointment at your local Kool Smiles office.