Find an Oral Surgeon Who Takes Medicaid

Are you looking for an oral surgeon near you? People who require services, such as wisdom teeth removal, dental implants and TMJ (jaw) surgery, will probably need an oral surgeon to perform the necessary dental services. But finding a quality doctor who takes your insurance or is within your budget may seem difficult—if not impossible—especially since not all oral surgeons take Medicaid health care plans.

Rather than avoiding the dentist for fear of receiving high medical costs, consider the dental professionals at Kool Smiles who can help you figure out which oral surgeons take Medicaid. We can determine the kind of treatment your child needs and refer you to an oral surgeon, if required. We even accept Medicaid, TRICARE and SCHIP, so you don’t have to stress about certain dental providers denying your health insurance.

Call 254-781-0553 to learn more about oral surgery, when it’s needed, and how Kool Smiles can help ensure your family’s dental health is cared for and protected. That way, you don’t get stuck with even higher medical bills and even more problems in the future.

Oral Surgery with Kool Smiles

At Kool Smiles, we can give your child the care they need and deserve at a location near you. We focus on providing quality dental services at an affordable price. Our expertise lies in making the dental health experience accessible and comfortable. Before and during any procedure or treatment, our dentists and oral surgeons will walk you and your child through the process and exactly what to expect when it comes to the procedure, the follow-up treatment and the financial details.

We want to ensure that you get the treatment you need, even if you don’t have dental insurance. As part of our payment plan options, we accept the following:

  • Government insurance (including Medicaid)
  • Dental discount plans
  • CreditCare
  • And more

CreditCare is a healthcare credit card that allows you to pay by credit card and slowly pay off the fees over time, so you don’t have to use your own personal credit card.

What Oral Surgeons Treat

Oral surgeons treat problems in the mouth, teeth, jaw and even the surrounding tissues in the head and neck. Common procedures that oral surgeons will perform include:

  • Wisdom teeth removal—Even though the average age of growth isn’t until 17–25 years old, it’s important to have a dentist monitor the growth of your child’s wisdom teeth (also recognized as a second set of molars). If they grow in but aren’t removed, it can become problematic. For proper monitoring, we highly recommend sending your child to a dentist every six months, if possible.
  • Dental implants—It may seem costly and impractical to replace a missing tooth, but dental implants can help protect your child from jawbone deterioration or bone loss. Kool Smiles can help connect you with a dentist in your area to figure out what’s best and what’s recommended.
  • Surgery on the TMJ (jaw joint)—This joint connects the skull and the jaw. Having a TMJ disorder can be painful and complicated, which is why a surgeon should take a look to decide if surgery is necessary.
  • Tumor and cyst removal—Tumors can develop for a variety of reasons, including cheek biting, poor dental hygiene, etc. Whether it’s benign or cancerous, having a tumor or cyst removed from the mouth is necessary for maintaining long-term dental health. Dentigerous cysts, specifically, are the most common developmental cysts arising in jaws, and they can be extremely problematic, especially for children.
  • Reconstructive surgeries to the mouth and jaw to repair injuries or birth defectsCleft palate, for example, occurs in one in 700 births and often requires surgery very early on in a child’s life. It is considered a congenital defect, which can be problematic later in life, if not treated. For example, if a cleft lip isn’t treated, it may impact a child’s ability to eat, sleep and talk.
  • Emergency dental treatment—Injuries caused by trauma can affect the teeth, jaw or facial bones and may require immediate treatment from an oral surgeon.

How to Prepare for Oral Surgery

When you bring your child to Kool Smiles for oral surgery, our friendly dental staff will explain the procedure and what to expect. We’ll let you know before the day of the surgery how to prepare yourself to ensure a speedy recovery and no complications. Some procedures, like removing wisdom teeth, use a general or local anesthesia, even though it’s considered an outpatient surgery. Because of this, you will be expected to follow a set of guidelines.

Often, patients are expected to avoid eating and drinking for up to 12 hours before the procedure. In addition, patients should brush their teeth and/or floss before arriving to the Kool Smiles oral surgeon’s office. Specific guidelines and recommendations should be given in advance of the procedure. If you’re unsure what’s expected of you, contact the surgeon more than 12 hours ahead of the procedure.

Will Medicaid Cover Oral Surgery?

It depends. Medicaid coverings vary state by state, and unfortunately, not all Medicaid programs cover dental care. It is best to check with the Medicaid providers in your state to see what’s covered, but generally, Medicaid dental services include:

  • Pain relief and infection prevention, as well as regular checkups
  • Emergency, preventive and therapeutic services for dental disease that, if left untreated, may cause larger problems later in life
  • Medically necessary oral health and dental services, including those identified during an oral screening or dental exam

Not all dental care is covered, so we highly recommend reading the details of your state’s Medicaid coverage. If you want regular dental checkups or if you need oral surgery to prevent further dental problems from occurring, then Medicaid should have you covered, but it’s not guaranteed. Cosmetic procedures are typically not covered. Preventative surgeries or orthodontic needs like putting in braces may or may not be covered.

Some oral surgeons take Medicaid, but if a surgeon can’t assist with your dental health needs because of your health insurance plan, then Kool Smiles is a great resource. We can help you figure out affordable options to maintain and protect your family’s dental health, while providing dental providers and recommendations for oral surgeons who you can afford. Call 254-781-0553 and find a Kool Smiles location in your area that offers orthodontics.

What’s the Difference Between a Dentist and an Oral Surgeon?

You might be wondering, “What’s the difference between a dentist and an oral surgeon?”

To start, oral surgeons typically spend an extra four to eight years in education, but you probably aren’t too concerned with this strictly academic difference. The main difference that you should be aware of is that a dentist will usually refer you to see an oral surgeon if you need necessary work that falls outside of their practices.

While dentists can conduct general oral surgeries (including tooth extractions, dentures and dental plates), the more specialized surgery work for your mouth typically requires you to visit an oral surgeon. Oral surgeons have an expertise in more complicated dental procedures (including removing wisdom teeth, treating facial trauma, or performing corrective jaw surgery), giving you quality and safety you can trust.

You shouldn’t worry about seeing an oral surgeon unless your pediatric dentist specifically recommends a visit or if you are in need of emergency dental services.

Oral Surgeon Near You—Find Dental Providers Who Take Medicaid

At Kool Smiles, we believe everyone should have access to great dental care. Our team can help determine whether or not you’re eligible for coverage for any of these dental care services. If you’re not, we offer oral care that’s affordable, even without insurance. We believe all children deserve the opportunity to receive quality dental care no matter their financial circumstances. Whether you you’re looking for basic pediatric dental care, wisdom teeth removal or orthopedic care, Kool Smiles has you covered.

Kool Smiles accepts most types of insurance, including:

  • Medicaid
  • State-sponsored programs (SCHIP)
  • Military insurance (TRICARE)
  • Cash
  • Credit
  • CareCredit payments

At Kool Smiles, we specialize in being able to make dental care affordable and accessible for every family. Ninety-seven percent of Kool Smiles patients say they’ll refer their friends and family to Kool Smiles—and there are many reasons why. Our offices use a friendly, comfortable atmosphere to make dental treatment an enjoyable experience for your child and give you peace of mind. We know how important oral health is, and we want to help you to get the care you and your family need. Call 254-781-0553 to find our dental providers near you.

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With over 120 locations in 15 states across the nation, it’s likely you can find a Kool Smiles location near you. Get access to affordable dental care, and let one of our experienced dentists determine your family’s dental health, if an oral surgeon’s services are needed, how you’re going to pay for it, and which oral surgeons take Medicaid. Make an appointment by calling 254-781-0553 to speak with a Kool Smiles specialist.




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