How Much Does a Kid’s Root Canal Retreatment Cost?

Root canal retreatment is usually performed when a tooth does not heal properly or becomes infected after an initial root canal. If your child is experiencing pain after having a root canal procedure, he or she may need root canal retreatment to save the tooth.

In this article, we’ll discuss why root canal treatments fail, when retreatment is necessary, and how much retreatment can cost. 

How Much Does Root Canal Retreatment Cost?

The cost of root canal retreatment varies depending on a variety of factors. Root canal retreatment will typically be more expensive than your child’s initial root canal because the procedure is more complex.

The best way to determine the cost of root canal retreatment is to ask your child’s dentist.

Why Does Root Canal Treatment Fail?

During a root canal, your child’s dentist removes the infected pulp from the tooth, fills the tooth with a rubber-like material, and places a crown over the tooth to protect it. After a root canal, there should be no pain in your child’s tooth and it should function like any other tooth.

However, there are complications that can cause root canals to fail and make root canal retreatment necessary.

Some common reasons root canal treatments fail include:

  • Your child’s dentist missed some of the infected pulp during the initial treatment.
  • Bacteria entered the tooth through a loose, cracked, or broken crown and caused an infection. 
  • New decay exposed the filling material to bacteria and caused a new infection in the tooth.

Does My Child Need Root Canal Retreatment?

If your child is experiencing unusual pain after a root canal, it is best to take your child back to the dentist to find out what the cause of the pain is and if root canal retreatment is necessary.

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