Find a Dentist Who Accepts the Smiles for Children Program

If your kids are covered by FAMIS, FAMIS Plus, or Medicaid, their dental care is covered by Smiles for Children. Kool Smiles proudly accepts Smiles for Children patients.

If you’re looking for affordable and convenient dental care for your children, schedule an appointment at your local Kool Smiles office by calling us today.

Why Dental Health Is Important

Smiles for Children can help keep your kids healthy. Tooth decay is the number one childhood disease, more common than asthma and hay fever. More than 25% of kids aged two to five suffer from tooth decay or cavities.

The numbers are even higher as kids get older. More than 50% of kids aged 12-15 have tooth decay. Without regular check-ups, your kids could have cavities that you don’t even know about.

What Services Does Smiles for Children Cover?

The Smiles for Children program ensures that all kids have access to quality dental care, in order to prevent problems like tooth decay and cavities. Smiles for Children covers the cost of the following dental services:

  • Diagnostic services
  • Preventive services
  • Restorative and surgical procedures

Kool Smiles accepts Smiles for Children coverage at every one of our Virginia locations because we want kids to have healthy smiles. 

Smiles for Children: Part of the Kool Smiles Team

At Kool Smiles, our mission is to provide affordable and high-quality dental care. Smiles for Children helps us reach our goal by making it easy for you to get regular check-ups for your kids.

As a team, Kool Smiles and Smiles for Children can keep your kids’ smiles shiny and healthy.

Why Kool Smiles?

Our highly skilled, general and pediatric dentists are experienced in working with kids and provide a calm, fun atmosphere that kids will enjoy.

We don’t limit the number of Smiles for Children patients we accept because we know all kids should get the professional dental care they need and deserve.

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