Tooth Root Canal Treatment For Children

When the inside of a tooth is damaged, a root canal is sometimes the only answer. How do dental professionals perform this treatment? 

Treating the inside of teeth is called endodontics. When teeth become infected or have damaged nerves, it is necessary to remove the internal pulp inside the roots. This treatment is called a root canal. If you believe you or your child need this procedure, keep reading. 

When Do Teeth Need Root Canal Treatment? 

Sometimes nerve tissue (known as pulp) inside teeth gets infected or damaged. When this happens, it is often painful. Swelling, bone loss, temperature sensitivity and toothache are all common symptoms.

Since a nerve’s only job is to provide the sensation of heat and cold, it can be removed without affecting the health of the tooth. This is when dental professionals perform a root canal. 

Root canal treatment involves creating a hole in the tooth and flushing out diseased pulp. By removing this damaged tissue from inside the tooth’s roots, it is often possible to save rather than extract a tooth. 

Root Canal Treatment Cost

While the cost of any dental treatment varies, root canals typically range between $250 and $850, depending on the tooth that needs repaired. Both dentists and endodontists can perform root canal treatments, but endodontists typically charge more.

Does My Child Need Root Canal Treatment?

Just like adults, children sometimes need root canal treatment. In fact, tooth decay is one of the top childhood illnesses in America. Children oral infections, even in baby teeth, should always be taken seriously.

For this reason, dental professionals sometimes perform root canals on teeth that aren’t likely to soon fall out on their own. With permanent teeth, a root canal can prevent extractions and ensure your child has a lifetime of healthy smiles.

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