Emergency Toothache Dentist

All it takes is one wrong bite or a simple injury for your child to experience a toothache.

If you are experiencing a true emergency, call 911 immediately. You can also take your child to a dentist that offers emergency hours.

Keep reading to learn when to take your child to a dentist and what to do in the event of a dental emergency, or call Kool Smiles today to find out about our emergency dental services.

some tooth problems may require a toothache emergency dentist

Reasons for Needing an Emergency Dentist

Toothaches may be caused by a variety of factors. Here are some reasons why you might need an emergency dentist:

  • Damaged tooth—If your child lost or damaged a tooth during an accident or injury, he or she could be experiencing severe pain. 
  • Infection—A serious infection can cause tooth pain and swelling.
  • Cracked teeth—Some severe toothaches are a result of cracked teeth and should be fixed immediately to prevent further infection or a complete tooth replacement.
  • Abscess—An abscess is an infection that occurs around a tooth’s root and gum tissue. If you think your child has an abscess, take him or her to the dentist to stop the infection from spreading and relieve any pain.

If your child is experiencing any of these issues, call your dentist immediately.

girl with toothache

What Should I Do During a Dental Emergency?

Follow these steps in the event of a toothache emergency:

If you are a Kool Smiles patient and are calling during business hours, call us and come in to the office. For emergencies, call in advance so the dentists can prepare for your visit. We have convenient hours during the week and some offices are open on Saturdays.

If you are a Kool Smiles patient and are calling after business hours, you will be put in touch with the doctor on call.

If you are not a Kool Smiles patient and need immediate attention, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room.

Kool Smiles has many locations with trained dentists who love to treat kids, so try seeing if an office near you has an emergency spot open in the event that your child has a toothache.

for severe pain, visit a toothache emergency dentist

How Do I Take Care of a Toothache at Home?

If you need fast toothache relief, follow these tips as you seek professional emergency care:

  • Rinse with warm saltwater—This pain-relieving trick provides fast relief until you can see a dentist.
  • Soak a tea bag in warm water—Gently press a black tea bag against the tooth that’s giving your child trouble. Black tea contains tannins, which may reduce pain and swelling.

Bring Your Child to a Kool Smiles Today

Visit a Kool Smiles location near you or call us to set up an appointment with one of our toothache emergency dentists. We will treat your child’s toothache quickly and efficiently.



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