What Will the TRICARE Dental Program Cost Me?

While dental care can be expensive, you can help cover the cost of your child’s dental care and treatment with a TRICARE dental program.

When you or a relative serve your country, you qualify for a program that will help make sure that your children get the quality dental care they need.

Get the Quality Dental Care You Deserve

If you work hard to serve your country in the armed forces, then your family qualifies for TRICARE dental coverage. A TRICARE dental plan helps those in the armed forces and their families get affordable and quality dental health care. 

TRICARE Dental Plans and Costs

There are three low-cost TRICARE dental plans:

  • TRICARE Dental Program
  • TRICARE Retiree Dental Program
  • TRICARE Active Duty Dental Program

The cost of TRICARE dental programs includes monthly premiums and cost shares. The exact figure for monthly premiums depends on whether the military sponsor is active duty, selected reserve, or individual ready reserve.

Monthly premiums are fees paid in advance for the following month’s coverage.

Premiums also depend on the type of enrollment you have:

  • Sponsor only
  • Single enrollment (one family member, not sponsor)
  • Family enrollment (more than one family member, not sponsor)
  • Sponsor and family

Cost shares are the money you would pay for each type of dental treatment provided. Cost shares are determined by the dental treatment provided, the sponsor’s pay grade, and the location of the dental facility providing treatment. 

Kool Smiles Proudly Welcomes TRICARE Patients

When choosing a dentist for your family, consider the kid-friendly dental professionals at Kool Smiles. We proudly accept all TRICARE patients without limit and have over 120 locations across the country.

We respect and honor our military veterans and appreciate your service to the country. At Kool Smiles, we believe you deserve high-quality, low cost dental health care that is convenient for you.

Call Kool Smiles Today for Affordable Dental Care

Call us today or find us online to set up a dental appointment for your child. We’re happy to deliver high quality, affordable dental care to your kids.



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