For Healthcare Professionals

Kool Smiles is pursuing a mission to expand oral healthcare to underserved communities across the United States. We are always looking for other healthcare providers who are interested in helping us attain that mission.

Kool Smiles frequently partners with local healthcare providers and other dental professionals to help provide a comprehensive network of resources for our patients. If you're a healthcare provider that can help support our mission for expanded oral health access, we want to hear from you. Please visit our Referral Partnership Form to take the next step to become a Kool Smiles referral partner.

Kool Smiles on Insights for PBS

Oral health is a serious issue that affects overall health and well being. The disproportionate affect on children, minorities and underserved communities has been recognized by the Surgeon General and is the crisis Kool Smiles is focused on solving. Learn about the crisis here, as featured on PBS. Watch the video »

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