Partnership Opportunity: Community Health Center

Could your Community Health Center benefit from the quality service and atmosphere of a Kool Smiles Dental office? We´re interested in partnering with health centers to bring dental facilities on-site and manage them through our rigorous quality and compliance programs.

Benefits to Community Health Centers

Partnering with Kool Smiles offers a number of benefits to a Community Health Center, including:

  • Allowing the CHC to meet and exceed federal requirements for dental services while focusing resources on medical and mental health services.
  • Underutilized space becomes a revenue opportunity through a lease with Kool Smiles.
  • Increased community visibility through partnered marketing programs, which can include community educators, flyers, direct mail and potentially broadcast media.
  • Higher patient volumes as we share and refer patients towards a lifetime of great oral and overall health!

In June of 2010 Kool Smiles opened its first Community Health Center location in Gary, IN (Community HealthNet).  Here Kool Smiles increased capacity from four to six dental chairs, installed new digital x-ray equipment and practice management system, added a TV and children’s play area to the common lobby, and remodeled the dental space and a portion of the lobby.  Once Kool Smiles opened we were able to increase the dental patient volume at the center by 88% in only three months. The office is viewed as a success by both Kool Smiles, the Community HealthNet and legislators in Indiana. All parties have promised to move ahead with additional partnerships in the near future. Our first partnership with a Community Health Center began in June 2010 to serve the residents of Gary, Indiana. Read the story "Smile Gary, Smile" here. You can also read about the legislative support in the NBCSL December 2010 newsletter here

If you´re interested in creating a partnership with Kool Smiles for your health facility, just visit our community inquiry form and one of our professionals will contact you to learn more.

“The Gary model has proved to be a rousing success. For members of NBCSL and other leaders, this is a model that can be emulated and adjusted to fit other locations and circumstances around the country.”

Rep. Charlie Brown

State representative from Indiana, chairman of Indiana's House Public Health Committee

“With Kool Smiles we get a lift to our medical patient volume, are able to focus our energy on growing our medical practice, and have additional income we can reinvest into new services”  

Dr. Janet Seabrook

CEO of Community HealthNet, Gary IN

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