Senator J. Hartley And Representatives Noujaim And Berger Celebrate Kool Smiles Opening In Waterbury

Quality Dental Care Available to Area Families

Waterbury, CT., Feb 01, 2010

It's all smiles in Waterbury thanks to the new Kool Smiles office, which opened at 728 Wolcott Street, Waterbury, CT in the Fair Oaks Shopping Center. Kool Smiles of Waterbury opened its doors on January 22nd, 2010 in a mission to expand access to quality dental care to families in the community of Waterbury. Senator J. Hartley and State Representative Selim Noujaim joined the Kool Smiles staff and local families to celebrate the opening.

"I am excited about Kool Smiles decision to locate their clinic for dental care in Waterbury said Representative Jeff Berger. The need for top notch dental care for a community in need is more than we can ask for. I applaud their spirit of commitment to healthy children, healthy families, and a better quality of life for residents of Waterbury and for that matter the Greater Waterbury Area. I also look for the continued partnership with social service agencies, schools, and community groups."

Kool Smiles provides a dental home for thousands of children across the country, in an effort to answer what the Surgeon General called one of the greatest unmet health needs in children: oral health. Dental caries (tooth decay) is the single most common childhood disease 5 times more common than asthma and 7 times more common than hay fever. With Kool Smiles, both children and parents are able to address these issues in a fun, accessible, family-friendly environment staffed with knowledgeable and compassionate dental experts.

I am always pleased to see new enterprises coming to Waterbury said Representative Selim Noujaim. Small businesses are the backbone of our society and as they flourish and grow they add to the tax base of our city so that taxes on residents and homeowners are decreased proportionally.

Senator J. Hartley added I welcome the establishment of a Kool Smiles dental office in Waterbury.

Sound dental care and hygiene are vital to overall health and well being of every individual, especially children. The Kool Smiles office will insure local access to these important services."

Kool Smiles was founded with the vision of providing access to quality dental care in communities that have traditionally been underserved. Our expansion into Waterbury provides yet another opportunity for our dentists to reverse the alarming oral health care trends among the families that need dental health services the most, states Kool Smiles Chief Dental Office Dr. David Strange. Ã’We are honored to become part of the Waterbury community and look forward to partnering with area schools, daycare centers, and local social service agencies to ensure the importance of oral health is communicated to families in our newest service area.

Kool Smiles of Waterbury is located at 728 Wolcott Street, Waterbury, CT in the Fair Oaks Shopping Center.

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