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Kool Families

Each month we receive hundreds of customer reviews and testimonials from families across the country. We love hearing how Kool Smiles has made a difference in their lives. Each month we review the stories and share the stories of a few of our patients as our Kool Family of the Month.

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Here´s what families just like yours are saying about Kool Smiles.

The Varela Family

"I love the way Kool Smiles treats my children. What I normally see is that my kids love coming here and they leave HAPPY all the time." Read their story »

Susana Varela has been taking her three children, Alondra, age 14, Luciano, age 11, and Ashley Nicole, age 9, to the Kool Smiles in Brownsville, Texas, since February 2009. Ms. Varela was very excited when she found out that Kool Smiles was in her area, because as there are not many general dentists in Olmito, Texas, where she lives.

Ms. Varela said, "The best part of Kool Smiles is that it is totally different from the other general dentist offices. I love the way they treat my children. What I normally see is that my kids love coming here and they leave happy all the time."

"My children are always ready to come to Kool Smiles because there is somewhere for them to play while they wait for their appointment time," she said. "The jungle gym and the waiting area are totally different, colorful, and fun."

Ms. Varela really loves the way Kool Smiles takes care of her children. She said, "My children all want to go back to the dentist. Even I can not believe it!" She added, "Even me as a parent, I love coming to Kool Smiles. I want to come back because I feel confident and well-treated."

The Toure Family

Kool Smiles "went above and beyond," said Ms. Toure. "They prepared the office for Isaiah's visit the night before, gave us a private room, and provided us with the first appointment of the day." Read their story »

Bethany Toure had spent eight years looking for a general dentist to accommodate her son Isaiah's special need. Isaiah, age 11, has a life-threatening allergy to Latex, which was diagnosed at age 4. Ms. Toure knew how important it was for Isaiah to get regular dental check-ups, but hadn't been able to find a general dentist willing to see Isaiah—until she found Kool Smiles.

Ms. Toure is a social worker and was attending a resource fair when she met her local Community Relations Specialist (CRS) for Kool Smiles. She shared her challenge of finding a general dentist, and the CRS told her Kool Smiles would not only see Isaiah but make sure all precautions would be taken to ensure a safe and satisfying visit for both patient and mom.

The Fall River, Massachusetts, Kool Smiles "went above and beyond," said Ms. Toure. "Even though there had been a lot of preparation behind the scenes, when Isaiah arrived he was treated like any other kid. The staff treated him great and he was so excited to get his teeth cleaned that he took a picture of them!"

Ms. Toure could not be happier with Kool Smiles and Isaiah's experiences there. He has been back two more times, and each time he has had the same positive experience. Ms. Toure thanked "Kool Smiles of Fall River for easing the fears of a parent and allowing my son to have what every child deserves—comprehensive dental care."

The Salinas Family

Ms. Salinas became emotional and began to cry when given the opportunity to share her Kool Smiles experience. She couldn't be happier with the services her family received at Kool Smiles and said, "We are so proud of our daughter!" Read their story »

Hannia Salinas, age 2, had her first dental experience at age 1 in Monterrey, California. The family was vacationing when they realized that Hannia had a tooth with a cavity, and they did not want to delay taking her to a general dentist. They found a pediatric dentist who was willing to see her while they were on vacation, and they made an appointment. Unfortunately, that experience was less than pleasant. The family was told to leave Hannia while she was in the treatment room. Little Hannia ended up having a very bad impression of going to the dentist.

When the Salinas family returned home, they saw that Kool Smiles was building an office close to them in Brownsville, Texas. They were overjoyed to think of a general dentist accepting Medicaid in their area, since there is limited access to dental care where they live. Ms. Salinas immediately made an appointment for Hannia to have a hygiene visit.

Before Hannia's appointment, Ms. Salinas spent a lot of time preparing her because of the little girl's previous bad experience. But she was surprised at how well Hannia behaved. "Hannia feels like a big girl because she goes in on her own and tells me that there's no problem—and that she'd rather that I wait outside!" said Ms. Salinas.

Ms. Salinas enjoys the fact that "the staff explained step by step what they were going to do during the visit and the fact that they have a lot of patience." It's given Hannia's parents much peace that their only daughter is so excited about going to the dentist and actually looks forward to the experience.

The Ramirez Family

"The office is beautiful, clean, and entertaining," said Ms. Ramirez. "It is evident that kids are Kool Smiles' focus." She is referring all her friends to Kool Smiles. She said her children "love to come to Kool Smiles," and if they're happy, then she's happy! Read their story » You can also watch the video »

Susana Ramirez first heard about Kool Smiles through a postcard she received in the mail. The name and logo caught her eye, but it wasn't until a friend highly recommended Kool Smiles that she decided to bring in her two sons, Luis Angel, age 7, and Osvaldo, age 5, for dental appointments. Both boys have received hygiene and operatory treatment at the Kool Smiles in Eagle Pass, Texas, and both mom and kids were very satisfied with the treatment they received.

After Ms. Ramirez received the "seal of approval" from her older sons, she decided to bring in her 16-month-old daughter, Kayla, for her first dental hygiene appointment in her young life.

She said all three of her children "love" coming to Kool Smiles. Although Ms. Ramirez was satisfied with her children's former general dentist, he relocated. The children are now very enthusiastic about going Kool Smiles. She said, "It's the perfect place to take children to the general dentist." She only wishes there was a comparable office for pediatricians!

It's very important to Ms. Ramirez that her children feel comfortable and not fearful of going to the general dentist. She likes the approach Kool Smiles has taken in their office. She believes it helps her children feel confident and responsible. She said all her children are treated with respect, regardless of age.

The Gamez Family

Ms. Gamez and her four sons are very happy they visit Kool Smiles. All the children love coming to the dentist and mom loves how easy it is on them and her. "We are seen right away, there are no long waits. It is a great place and I am very happy with Kool Smiles. They even remembered our names after the first visit, which really made us feel good," she said. Thank you, Kool Smiles. Read their story »

Priscilla Gamez watched and waited with eager curiosity as Kool Smiles built their office in Eagle Pass, Texas, in mid-2008. She said when Kool Smiles did open in September of that year, she began to see fliers in local stores around town and receive postcards in the mail about the new dentist office for kids. The advertisements were bright, colorful, and appeared very child-friendly, so she decided to give Kool Smiles a try.

Ms. Gamez initially brought Giovanni, age 7, George Allen, age 4, and Kevin, age 2, to Kool Smiles for hygiene exams. Ms. Gamez was thrilled with her first experience! She said, "The staff was so nice and friendly and they knew how to work with children." She also took note of the "fresh and clean environment" and the playground to occupy the children while waiting for their appointment.

After taking three of her sons to Kool Smiles, she brought in her 6-year-old, Alekxander, for an appointment. She said, "He was very happy and wasn't afraid at all. It was awesome. The environment is much different than other dental offices—it is so bright and clean and the staff is so nice."

Alekxander obviously agreed with his mother's opinion of Kool Smiles. When his appointment was over and it was time to leave, he turned to Ms. Gamez and asked, "Mom, can you leave me here and come back in an hour?" If that doesn't tell you how much he loved it, then nothing else will!

The Kendrick Family

"I can't say thank you enough to Kool Smiles," said Ms. Kendrick. "Kool Smiles put us at ease and helped us in an emergency event, even though we did not have insurance coverage. In my opinion, there is nothing you can do to improve Kool Smiles. Kool Smiles went above and beyond." Read their story »

Sandra Kendrick and her two children, Scott, age 5, and Benjamin, age 4, were visiting the Tidewater, Virginia. They had been there for approximately two weeks when they found themselves with a dental emergency. Her boys had been "horsing around" and banged heads; Scott's two front teeth were knocked loose. "The teeth were hanging off and there was a lot of blood. We needed medical help immediately," said Ms. Kendrick.

The family quickly got in their car and drove to the nearest emergency room. "We were told it would be a three-hour wait to be seen and Scott was in so much pain. He needed to be seen as soon as possible," said Ms. Kendrick. She asked the ER for a referral and was told about an emergency dental clinic in town that was open 24 hours a day. "We arrived at the emergency dental clinic, but they appeared closed," she recalled. "There was a gentleman inside but he told us he would not treat Scott since he was not covered by their out of state insurance." Ms. Kendrick called her insurance company, which found a local listing for Kool Smiles and referred her to the Virginia Beach office.

"It was 4:15 and the office had already taken their last appointment of the day. I told them we had out-of-state dental insurance and asked if that would be a problem," Ms. Kendrick said. To her surprise and relief, Kool Smiles readily agreed to see Scott immediately and told her not to worry about payment. The most important issue at the moment was getting Scott the dental treatment he needed.

"Valencia, the patient coordinator, was so sympathetic and compassionate in our time of need, and Dr. Poole was very knowledgeable about the damage done to my son's gums and teeth. He was sophisticated, friendly, and did an amazing job like no other dentist," said Ms. Kendrick. It was truly a wonderful experience!

*Note names have been changed to protect family privacy.

The Brooks Family

“We were immediately impressed when we walked through the door that morning. The waiting area is kid friendly with many things to keep the children busy. The receptionist was very friendly and efficient.” Read their story » 

Connor Brooks, age 6, told his mom, Tina, he had been having some tooth pain. Tina Brooks immediately scheduled an appointment at the family’s dentist office for an exam. At the appointment, they discovered he had a cavity and it had reached the nerve, causing Connor a lot of discomfort. They were told however, the tooth could not be repaired at that office for two weeks and Connor was prescribed pain medication to ease the discomfort. Connor took the medication given to him, but continued to be in a great deal of pain at night causing him to lose sleep and wake up screaming in pain. Mrs. Brooks states, “Seeing your child in pain and knowing there is nothing you can do to help has to be the worst feeling in the world. I felt so helpless.” The pain appeared to subside during the day, but once nightfall hit, the pain returned with vengeance. It was Saturday, but Mrs. Brooks was determined to ease her child’s hurt.

She began contacting multiple dentists offices listed in the phone book, but most were closed. She was able to make contact with an urgent dental care center in her area, but discovered that while they were open on the weekend, they did not treat children. They recommended she contact Kool Smiles on Bardstown Road. Mrs. Brooks called the Kool Smiles office in Louisville and was able to have Connor seen within the hour. “We were immediately impressed when we walked through the door that morning. The waiting area is kid friendly with many things to keep the children busy. The receptionist was very friendly and efficient.” After taking x-rays it was confirmed that Connor had a cavity. Due to Connor being in extreme pain, the Kool Smiles office worked Connor into the schedule. “The assistant and dentist talked him through everything. He had a few questions and they answered him in a way that he could understand and not be scared”. In no time, Connor was relieved of his pain. “What a great experience”.

Mr. and Mrs. Brooks report, “Connor is doing great. No complaints. He slept that night for 12 hours; a sweet and peaceful sleep. Thank you, Kool Smiles. We will never forget your kindness and willingness to help us.”

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