SC Medicaid Dental

Looking for a great SC Medicaid general dentist to treat your family's teeth? Kool Smiles offers dental care for families in the SC Medicaid dental program, along with a fun-filled attitude that your kids will love.

SC Medicaid dental insurance allows thousands of people to get top dental care that suits their family's tight budget. At Kool Smiles, we accept SC Medicaid dental coverage at all of our South Carolina locations, and we never restrict the number of SC Medicaid dental patients we see. Unlike many other SC Medicaid dental providers, Kool Smiles offices have colorful game rooms instead of waiting areas so kids can play and relax.

Kool Smiles is proud to be a part of the SC Medicaid dental program, welcoming families in South Carolina who rely on Medicaid coverage for their healthcare needs. Our offices are convenient, safe and fun for patients of all ages. Our SC Medicaid general dentists set a high standard for clinical quality, providing the most up-to-date dental care treatment to all of our patients. Families who use Kool Smiles know why we're the best - 97% of our patients say that they would return to Kool Smiles for their family's dental needs.

At Kool Smiles, your family will enjoy quality SC Medicaid dental care, and you'll be part of an organization that gives back. Kool Smiles has partnered with many Community Health Centers across the country to bring top dental care to more people than ever before. These partnerships help Kool Smiles bring accessible, caring dental facilities to children, families and communities all over the country.

Choose Kool Smiles as your SC Medicaid dental provider, and your family will get the best dental care possible without worrying about the cost. Our SC Medicaid general dentists are constantly reviewed to ensure the strictest quality standards. Your treatment plan will be reviewed by three levels of dental professionals to ensure that your care is excellent.

Come visit a member of our SC Medicaid dental team today! Call 1.866.GET.KOOL now for an appointment!

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