How Much Do Root Canals Cost? | Average Price of a Root Canal

If your kid is experiencing severe toothache that is already affecting his or her daily activities and overall quality of life, chances are the involved tooth is already indicated for root canal treatment. This dental treatment, otherwise called RCT, is an expensive treatment that costs as much as $2,000 per tooth depending on your location, dentist, and insurance coverage.

Now in case you wonder how a dental treatment can be this expensive, continue reading to learn more about the factors that influence the cost of RCT.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure commonly done in a badly-broken down tooth that’s no longer restorable by a simple filling. In these cases, the decay has already infected the pulp, or the innermost tissue layer where the nerves and blood vessels that supply the tooth are located. Involvement of the pulp can cause a great deal of pain for your kid.

During RCT, the dentist creates an opening on the top or back surface of the tooth. All the decayed parts are removed (including the pulp), and the inside of the tooth is cleaned both chemically and mechanically. Once the cleaning is done, the space left by the pulp will then be filled with a rubbery material to seal it and prevent the tooth from getting reinfected.

How Much Does Root Canal Treatment Cost?

The cost of root canal treatment with and without insurance are as follows:

  • For the front teeth such as the incisors and canines, RCT costs about $608 with insurance and about $1,156 without insurance.
  • For the premolars, the cost is about $333 with insurance and around $957 without insurance
  • For the back teeth or molars, the cost is about $682 with insurance and around $1,184 without insurance.

Meanwhile, the cost of the jacket crown that will be placed after RCT are as follows:

  • All-metal crowns cost $882 with insurance and $1,353 without insurance.
  • All-porcelain crowns cost $953 with insurance and $1430 without insurance.
  • Combination metal-porcelain crowns cost $618 with insurance and $1,093 without insurance.

What Affects The Cost of Root Canal Treatment and Crowns?

The aforementioned prices of RCT and jacket crowns are just the average. They will depending on a lot of factors, which include:

  • The location of the infected tooth and/or the extent of damage.
  • The need to consult an endodontist — a specialist in RCT.
  • The type of crown needed after RCT.

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