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Dental Lesson Plans



Our Commitment to Education


As part of our commitment to helping develop healthy communities, we offer customized lesson plans designed to educate children from Pre K to the 5th grade about the importance of proper dental hygiene. Teachers and parents alike can use these entertaining tools as a fun way to demonstrate the science of how our bodies work as well as stress the importance of smart diet choices and effective cleaning habits.


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Teachers can download lesson plans for K-1st Grade, 2nd-3rd Grade, and 4th-5th Grade classes. Kool Smiles Kids Club Dental Lesson Plans help children explore the link between food, candy, and oral health issues like cavities and toothaches. Lesson Plans include printable activity sheets, experiments, and games to help children learn about the benefits of having good oral health.


We have developed lesson plans for teachers that are packed with activity sheets, individual and class project ideas, and more! Download a lesson plan today!

Kool Smiles Kids Club 3-5 Lesson Plan


Kool Smiles Kids Club Extend and Refine Knowledge


Kool Smiles Kids Club K-2 Lesson Plan


Kool Smiles Kids Club Pre-K Lesson Plan