Braces for Teens

For teens, braces are sometimes the best way to have straight teeth. Don’t let the cost of braces for teens get in the way. It is possible for kids to have a great smile for a price you can afford. Kool Smiles can help you find braces for your teen at a price that works for you.

The Importance Of Braces For Teens

A great smile goes a long way in life. For teens, having straight teeth can promote good self-esteem and can even lead to better social experiences. Beyond that, crooked teeth can sometimes cause jaw pain, difficulty eating and other health problems later in life. 

Fortunately, a dentist can usually tell if kids are going to need braces pretty early, usually as soon as their adult teeth begin coming in at age six or seven. The dentists at Kool Smiles specialize in treating young people and can help parents decide if braces are the right choice. 

Types Of Braces

Braces come in several materials, but all have the same purpose, to re-align crooked teeth. Here are four types of braces popular for teens: 

  • Metal Braces: Featuring metal brackets and wires, these are the most common and least expensive braces for teens. 
  • Ceramic Braces: Though they are the same size and shape as metal braces, they are the same color as your teeth, so they blend in better. They are a little more expensive than metal braces. 
  • Lingual Braces: These metal braces are just like traditional braces, except the wires and brackets are on the inside of the teeth. Even though these are almost invisible, they are difficult to clean, more expensive and require more dental work.
  • Invisible Align Braces: These clear, plastic mouth guards are invisible and allow teens to eat and drink anything. However, they are not good for those with very crooked teeth and are the most expensive. 

Kool Smiles has orthodontists on staff who can help teens figure out which type of braces is best for them. 

Cost Of Braces 

Braces can cost between $3,000 and $8,000 depending on the situation, but parents have options. Many dental insurance providers cover at least some of the cost, and there are other affordable options. For instance, Kool Smiles provides affordable dental care for teens all over the country. 

The Kool Smiles Advantage 

Kool Smiles provides affordable dental care in underserved communities at more than 120 locations and accepts almost all types of insurance, including Medicaid, state insurance plans (SCHIP) and Tricare. For those who do not have dental insurance, Kool Smiles accepts CareCredit, a medical credit plan that allows parents to pay the cost of braces over time. 

To schedule a no-cost consultation and determine if braces are right for your teen, call Kool Smiles at 1-855-854-3621 today



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