Should Cavities in Baby Teeth Be Filled?

Do I need to fix cavities in my child’s baby teeth since they’re going to eventually fall out? Should cavities in baby teeth be filled?

The answer to both of these questions is yes. Cavities are a result of tooth decay, which can occur when a child doesn’t properly brush or floss. The resulting infection from untreated cavities can have lasting effects long after the baby teeth have fallen out.

If you think your child has cavities or is experiencing any pain in his or her baby teeth, call Kool Smiles today.

brush your teeth to avoid cavities

Why Fill Cavities in Baby Teeth?

Baby teeth, also called milk teeth, can actually stick around for a long time. In fact, your child won’t have all of his or her permanent teeth until around age 12 or 13 (not including wisdom teeth).

If you don’t fill cavities in your children’s baby teeth, infections can spread causing more tooth decay.

Here are some other reasons to take care of your child’s baby teeth:

  • Baby teeth are the only teeth children have to chew with, and cavities can affect their nutrition
  • Baby teeth help children form words and help them learn to speak properly
  • Baby teeth create a path for permanent teeth to come in correctly
  • Damaged baby teeth can cause overbites or an improper jaw structure

Avoiding Cavities in Baby Teeth

A leading cause of tooth decay in children is too much sugar in the diet. When sugar is left behind on the teeth, it forms bacteria, which then causes plaque to build. Plaque is a sticky substance that eats away at the tooth, resulting in a cavity.

To help children reduce the risk of getting cavities in their baby teeth, parents should:

  • Limit juice and sugary beverages
  • Take their child to see the dentist every six months
  • Use only water in sippy cups the child sleeps with
  • Teach their child to brush for a full two minutes (use our iPhone app to help)

For more information on how to prevent cavities, take a look at the infographic below:

Infographic on cavities

Getting a Baby Tooth Filled

A cavity in a baby tooth needs to be filled or the decay will continue to spread. If your child has any cavities or is experiencing any pain in his or her baby teeth, find a Kool Smiles office near you to get fillings for your child.

Our offices are kid-friendly and all of our staff are trained to work with children as young as one year old.

child getting cavities in baby teeth filled

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If you’re wondering, “Should cavities in baby teeth be filled,” the answer is yes. Take your child to Kool Smiles and receive quality dental work at a reasonable price.

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