Teenagers With Braces

It’s pretty common to see teenagers with braces. That’s because those are the perfect years to fix crooked teeth. What parents need to know are the benefits and cost of braces.

The team at Kool Smiles can explain why braces may be right for your teen and how you can afford them. 

Teenagers With Braces: The Benefits

Though braces can be expensive, there are many benefits that make them worth the cost. With the help of affordable dental provider Kool Smiles, braces for your teenager can be cheaper than you think.

Here are some of the many benefits of getting braces for your teen:

Straight Teeth Are More Healthy

Teenagers with braces will probably have less cavities later in life. That is because crooked teeth create a crowded mouth that is harder to keep clean by brushing. Tooth decay, cavities, and tooth loss are all caused by bad oral hygiene.

Braces also prevent teeth problems that can lead to overcrowding, problems chewing, and jaw pain. 

Better Self-Esteem

With braces, teenagers won’t have to worry about having crooked teeth. Children and teens are more likely to smile naturally when they have braces, and this improves their confidence.

Higher self confidence has even been proven to improve grades and help students in school.

A Brighter Future

People with better teeth have more luck in the job market. Providing your teenager with braces before they graduate is one way to possibly give them a leg up on their future.

Though healthy smiles aren’t the only indicator of success, healthy teeth are one way to make a good first impression.

Kool Smiles: Affordable Braces For Children and Teenagers 

Kool Smiles provides low-cost dental care, including braces, at many locations. Our network of dental professionals understand how to make young people feel comfortable at the dentist.

Best of all, Kool Smiles makes dental care affordable by accepting almost every form of dental insurance, including Medicaid, state-sponsored health insurance (SCHIP), and TRICARE. Medicaid coverage is different in each state but your Kool Smiles team will be able to talk with you about what is covered.

Call Kool Smiles today to schedule a no-cost consultation and learn more about braces for your teenager.



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