When Should Your Child First Visit the Dentist? It Might Be Earlier Than You Think

In general, a child should see a dentist before his or her first birthday, or when they get their first tooth. Seeing a dentist early can help educate you on the proper dental care of young children, prevent tooth decay and cavities (which can happen at any age), and encourage a lifetime of healthy dental habits.


Tips for Your Child’s First Dentist Appointment

Children can sometimes be nervous about going to the dentist, so finding ways to make the appointment stress-free and fun is encouraged. Below are three tips for a smooth first appointment:

  1. Check out your child’s mouth before the appointment. No one likes to have someone poking around in their mouth, but getting your child used to it can help prepare them for their first dentist appointment. Wipe their gums with a soft cloth after eating, open their mouth and peer inside, or gently brush their tooth with a soft toothbrush long before you schedule that first appointment.
  2. Choose a dentist that is kid-friendly. More than anything, children need to feel comfortable at their first dentist appointment. Choosing a dentist that understands how to work with children can help make the experience much less frightening for your child.
  3. Get there early. One of the best things about seeing a kid-friendly dentist is getting your child adjusted to the environment. At Kool Smiles, we offer games and toys in brightly-colored waiting rooms, with some of our offices having full playground sets. Get to your appointment a few minutes early so your child has time to play and relax before going into the examination room. This will help settle their nerves and show them that the dentist office is a fun place.

Make an Appointment for Your Child Today

Kool Smiles was founded in 2002 and was built on the belief that every child has the right to quality dental care. Our kid-friendly offices feature large waiting rooms with a play area, fun decor, and a staff that has experience helping young patients, all of which will make your child’s first trip to the dentist fun.

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