Does Delta Dental Insurance Cover Wisdom Teeth?

Does dental insurance cover wisdom teeth? Each family’s dental insurance plan is unique, so the answer depends on a few factors, including your insurance provider, your dentist, and where you’re located.

Read more to learn about the ways in which dental insurance can influence the price of wisdom teeth removal.

Delta Dental’s Pre-Treatment Estimate

When your child’s dentist recommends wisdom teeth removal, your first thought may be, “How much will this cost me?” Delta Dental offers a free pre-treatment estimate to those enrolled in their plan to know how much of the cost will be covered, and how much you will need to pay.

Costs are estimated when Delta Dental reviews your x-rays, diagnosis, and proposed treatment plan and coverage.

They will then send you and your dentist an estimate of the costs. While this isn’t a guaranteed payment, your insurance will add up how much will be covered based on eligibility, benefits, and your annual maximum and deductible.

Average Cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal

A simple wisdom tooth removal can cost anywhere from $75-$200 per tooth, or between $300-$800 to have all four wisdom teeth removed without surgery.

The actual cost of this minor surgery can vary based on how difficult it is to remove the teeth, how many have to be removed, and how much coverage your insurance provides.

Whether or not you have dental coverage, having access to affordable dental care is important no matter your family’s budget. Kool Smiles brings quality and affordability to each of our locations across the country.

Affordable Wisdom Teeth Removal at Kool Smiles

At select Kool Smiles locations, you can have access to affordable, in-house wisdom teeth removal services. Our general dentists can see if your child will need to have their wisdom teeth removed and discuss your options from there.

Kool Smiles services are affordable to families across the country, and we accept major insurance providers, like Delta Dental, to help with the cost of your child’s wisdom teeth removal.

Speak to a Kool Smiles Team Member About Wisdom Teeth Removal

For more information about our wisdom teeth removal services, or how to find your nearest Kool Smiles with these services, give us a call today.



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