How Much Does Wisdom Tooth Extraction Surgery Cost?

The cost of a wisdom tooth extraction will vary by the condition of the teeth, the number of teeth being removed and the type of anesthesia used. Having wisdom teeth removed is a surgical procedure and more complicated than pulling a regular tooth. This makes it more expensive than how much it typically costs to pull a tooth.

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How Much Does It Cost To Surgically Remove A Wisdom Tooth?

You should discuss the cost of removing wisdom teeth with your dental team, but the average wisdom tooth extraction cost can start around $225 to $600 for an impacted wisdom tooth, plus costs for anesthetic, x-rays, and any other required services.


Impacted Wisdom Teeth

The ages of 17 to 25 were referred to as “the ages of wisdom” in centuries past. Those ages in a person’s life got this name because that is the time period when wisdom teeth normally presented themselves.

A wisdom tooth that doesn’t have enough room to fully grow is said to be impacted, which means the tooth ends up coming in sideways or can’t break through the gum line. The result can be everything from inflammation to swelling to infection. If a wisdom tooth is impacted, you will be experiencing some pain and should get to a dentist right away.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Surgery: The Next Step

Removing an impacted wisdom tooth requires dental surgery, especially when it has not fully grown above the gum line. An oral surgeon or trained general dentist can remove the tooth or teeth.

Having wisdom teeth removed usually requires some type of sedation, which is a drug to put you asleep or in a state of calm and reduces pain or anxiety during the procedure. Once you are properly sedated, the dentist will cut into the gum to remove the tooth.

How Long Does Wisdom Tooth Extraction Take to Heal?

Depending on the condition of the tooth, healing should take about four to seven days. It could take longer if there is an infection. Don’t let your child suffer from wisdom teeth pain any longer.

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