Braces for Teens

Perhaps your child’s correction needs weren’t apparent when they were younger, maybe your teen feels self-conscious and wants a straighter smile, or perhaps your teen’s dentist has recommended braces. Regardless of the “why,” rest assured that it’s possible to achieve a great smile without breaking the bank.


The Importance Of Braces For Teens

Being a teenager carries a unique set of challenges. Having straight teeth can promote high self-esteem and facilitate positive social experiences. Beyond that, correcting orthodontic issues can reduce the risk of jaw pain, difficulty chewing, and other health problems later in life.


A dentist will usually recognize the need for braces when a child is young – around six or seven. Kool Smiles Kids Club’s partner dentists are well-equipped to provide top-quality braces treatments for young children, tweens, and teens.



Types Of Braces

There are several types of braces. They all serve the same purpose – to promote teeth alignment, but there are some key differences:

  • Metal braces: Metal braces are the traditional choice. If you had metal braces in the 70s or 80s, you should know that metal braces have come a long way. They’re smaller and more subtle than they used to be, but they’re still the most noticeable type. Metal braces are the least costly option.
  • Ceramic braces: These braces are the same size and shape as metal braces, but they’re tooth-colored, so they’re less noticeable. Ceramic braces are typically a little more costly than traditional metal braces.
  • Lingual braces: Lingual braces are made of metal, but they’re fitted behind the teeth. They’re difficult to notice in typical, everyday situations, but they’re also more difficult to clean, more costly, and can require more care.
  • Invisible aligners: Invisible aligner treatment involves a series of clear, plastic trays that are switched out periodically to move the teeth gradually. Invisible aligners must be removed for eating and drinking (anything other than cold water), so they may not be a great option for teens who aren’t responsible enough to care for them. This type of braces can’t correct severe alignment issues, and they can be more expensive than the other types.

If you’re not sure which type of braces is best suited for your child, a Kool Smiles partner dentist can help.



Cost Of Braces

Braces cost between $3,000 and $8,000, on average. The exact cost depends on the type of braces, the duration of the treatment, your location, and more. Many dental insurance providers cover at least some of the cost of braces. If you’re uninsured or underinsured, a team member at your nearest Kool Smiles partner clinic can work with you to find payment options that suit your budget.


Kool Smiles Kids Club has a network of partner dentists across the U.S. who welcome patients with Medicaid, TRICARE, CHIP (formerly SCHIP), and most major insurance policies. Our partners also accept cash, credit, and CareCredit – a healthcare-specific credit card that lets cardholders pay the cost of a procedure or treatment (like braces) over time, instead of upfront.




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