Handling Small Cavities: the Kool Smiles Approach

When cavities are not properly handled, small cavities can turn into big cavities that lead to serious health conditions later in life. Children who do not see the dentist regularly or practice good dental hygiene are at a high risk of developing cavities, gingivitis and other oral infections. Learn how Kool Smiles — a national network of dental practices — handles cavities to keep children’s smiles healthy.


Why Small Cavities Can Be a Big Concern

There are a few reasons why even the smallest cavities should not be ignored.

  • The worst cavities (ones that require root canals or extractions) didn’t get that way overnight. They started out as small cavities and progressed after a lack of proper attention.
  • Tooth decay can spread to surrounding teeth and cause more cavities
  • Many parents assume that cavities in baby teeth are no big deal because the teeth will just fall out anyway. But cavities in primary teeth can affect the way a child eats, which can lead to long-term diet and health problems.
  • The bacteria present in a cavity can lead to gum disease and infections in the mouth.
  • The bacteria can spread to other parts of the body and has been linked to things like heart disease, lung conditions and diabetes.
  • Even a small cavity can alter the look of a child’s smile or alter the way in which they speak, leading to self-esteem issues
  • Baby teeth do more than just fall out. They pave the way for permanent teeth to come in. And tooth decay in primary teeth can cause adult teeth to come in incorrectly.


The Kool Smiles Approach to Dental Health

Kool Smiles does not take small cavities lightly. Getting the proper treatment now can prevent a child from undergoing a more serious procedure in the future.

The dental professionals at Kool Smiles are committed to providing quality dental care to children and educating their communities on the importance of dental hygiene through public outreach programs.

To learn more about Kool Smiles, read through these frequently asked questions or contact them directly.


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