3 Tips to Fix Your Toddler’s Chipped Front Tooth


Toddlers are spontaneous little human beings, and their urge to inspect everything they see often results in a bruise or cut. If you have a tiny tot in the house on a mission to discover anything unusual, chances are they’re going to get hurt. Even crawling and running can cause accidents like a broken or chipped front tooth. If it does happen, here are three tips to fix your toddler’s chipped front tooth.

Keep Calm

Running around the house with a worrying expression on the face won’t help. It’ll make the situation worse and may scare your toddler even more. Just stay calm and remember that tooth chipping is normal and can be treated. If the child is in pain, explain to them it’s going to be ok and try to divert their attention to something else. Don’t mention the chipped tooth, even if it’s noticeable.


The first thing to do is call the dentist and book an appointment. In the meantime, if you notice bleeding, rinse the child’s mouth with cold water and if swelling occurs, use a cold press to reduce it.

Save the Fragments

If you spot any chipped tooth fragments where the accident happened, collect and store them in a ziplock bag or small bottle to take to the dentist. It may be possible to reattach the chipped pieces using special glue. Also, check your child’s mouth for any fragments if there are any lurking on the lips, tongue, or gums. If you can’t find any pieces, don’t panic.


If the child is having difficulty breathing, take them to emergency immediately to ensure they didn’t inhale any fragment pieces.

Get Professional Help

Chipped tooth accidents are treated as medical emergencies. You should be able to get a quick appointment. Toddlers are fragile, and their treatment needs special care. A pediatric dentist will have all the necessary equipment to fix the tooth. If your regular dentist has pediatric dentistry training, they may be able to treat the tooth.


During the appointment, the pediatric dentist will inspect the chipped tooth and determine the best treatment. If the chip is minor, it will take a specialized filling to fill the gap. In a more serious case, a cap or crown may be required for treatment. In case of severe damage, the child might need a dental veneer or root canal if the root is exposed.



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To Conclude

A baby’s smile is a beautiful sight, and their fun personalities make time more enjoyable. A chipped tooth is nothing to panic about. Take it as part of their growing stage. Get in touch with a Kool Smiles partner dentist to acquire friendly and affordable professional help. They promise a family-friendly atmosphere along with affordable services for your child’s dental needs.