Everything You Need to Know About Baby Teeth


Growing teeth is an uncomfortable and sometimes painful experience for babies. They will cry more and start chewing on things to alleviate the discomfort. Generally, at around six months, their baby teeth begin growing under their gum line.


However, the rate of tooth eruption and shedding can be different for every child. It can take anywhere between six to twelve months for baby teeth to begin showing.

Timeline of Tooth Eruption

According to the order of appearance chart by Orajel, one of the most trusted brands for oral care solutions, the two bottom teeth, or central incisors, usually become visible between six to ten months. The upper two front teeth come in around eight to twelve months.


For a more comprehensive explanation, you can take a look at the Baby Teeth Eruption Chart to see the general rate of tooth development.


By the time they are three years old, children will develop twenty primary teeth. These baby teeth will come loose and shed to make room for their permanent adult teeth to grow in.


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Protection and Prevention Tips

To prevent decay and promote the importance of oral hygiene, it is crucial to teach children how to brush their teeth properly and develop those healthy habits as soon as the first baby teeth start to develop. With some care and a watchful eye, you can protect your baby’s teeth from early gum disease and tooth decay.


There are some ways you can protect your child’s mouth even before their teeth develop. You can brush your baby’s gums with a damp cloth to wipe away bacteria. This can prevent any potential infections as new teeth start erupting.


Other healthy habits to begin teaching your child about oral hygiene include:

  • Flossing daily
  • Always clean their gums after feeding
  • Avoid putting your infant to bed with a bottle

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