3 Fun Flossing Activities for Kids to Encourage Healthy Oral Habits

Do you find it challenging to get your kids to brush their teeth? Or even more challenging to get them do daily flossing? Turning flossing activities into fun is the easiest way to develop good oral hygiene practices for your children.
It is important to know how flossing helps keeping mouth clean, and you can support them by helping them learn about flossing.

Is Flossing Important?

There are several hidden and invisible areas in teeth where food gets stuck. So, it is important to floss your teeth even if you do not see any visible food caught between your teeth.
Floss not only removes confined food, but also aids in clearing formed plaque from areas where toothbrush does not reach. For example, food caught between the teeth and spaces below the gums can harden and become plaque, which can lead to dangerous and costly problems.
As the child grows and their teeth start contacting, this is the perfect time teach them to start flossing. Little kids have yet to develop the coordination they will need to floss, so they will need help with flossing until they become independent.

Fun Flossing Exercises for Kids

Making flossing activities fun for your kids will make their oral hygiene routine better. See below for some educational activities to train your kids for flossing:

Mouth made of Egg Carton

Gather your floss, some play dough, an egg carton, and white paint. Color the carton with white paint, then fold over the carton so that it looks like upper and lower teeth. Make small balls out of play dough and put them in the spaces between teeth. Now ask your child to remove these balls with the floss. You can get more information, along with pictures, at Teaching Mama.

Singing with flossing

Your child will enjoy flossing more if you encourage them with a song. For example, use the melody of Row, Row, Row Your Boat and create a song like:

Floss, floss, floss your teeth,
Each and every day.
Slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly,
Keep the plaque away.

This is just an example; what other fun song can you and your child think of?

Rubber Gloves teeth and Peanut Butter Plaque Game

Our partners also provide you with other fun flossing activities in which children are supposed to use floss to remove peanut butter from a pair rubber gloves. In this activity, a rubber glove is acts as teeth, and the “sticky plaque” of peanut butter must be removed.

This is how children will learn that floss is better than a toothbrush in removing plaque easily.

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You can instill life-long healthy habits in your child with these cheerful flossing activities, which will act along with routine dental visits and a balanced diet to create good oral hygiene. Contact our partners, or find your nearest Kool Smile Partners location to book an appointment for a fun and educational dental education experience.