Get Emergency Dental Care With or Without Insurance


Dental insurance plans usually cover dental emergencies, and so does Medicaid, but what happens if you don’t have insurance?


If your child needs emergency dental care, that means it can’t wait. It’s critical to get your child in to see an emergency dentist to fix the issue – with or without insurance.


Don’t fear – insurance or not, our Kool Smiles Kids Club partner dentists are here to help you learn how to get emergency dental care with a variety of payment options that make this care accessible to as many people as possible.

What Is Considered a Dental Emergency?

A real dental emergency either involves trauma to the mouth or a worsening infection, as these are the two most common issues that require immediate medical attention. Your child may have suffered an injury that broke a tooth, injured the gums, or otherwise damaged their teeth, or they may have developed a rapidly progressing dental infection.

If either of these scenarios sounds like your child, take them to a dentist as soon as possible for dental care.

Will My Insurance Cover My Dental Emergency?

The answer to this question varies depending on the insurance plan you have, but as a general rule, most major dental insurance companies will also offer coverage for dental emergencies. The amount of coverage will vary, and some plans may cover all of the care.


Our partner dentists work with you to determine whether your insurance plan covers emergency dental care and how much coverage they provide. They can also come up with a plan to make covering the out-of-pocket expenses more attainable.

Low-Cost Emergency Dental Care When You Don’t Have Insurance

Not everyone has dental insurance. What happens then? Do you know how to get emergency dental care without it?


If your child does not have dental insurance coverage, you should still bring them in for emergency dental care as quickly as you can. Our partner dentists believe that emergency care should be available to anyone who needs it, not just those who can afford it out of pocket.


Regardless of the cost of service, we are proud to work with our partner dentists who will discuss the various payment methods they accept to cover the cost of dental procedures. They accept cash, debit, and credit payments and also accept CareCredit, a special credit card designed to cover medical expenses not covered by insurance. They work hard every day to keep the cost of our procedures as low as possible so that quality dental care is available for every family.

Emergency Kids Dental Care

If your child needs immediate attention, you should call 911. But, if your child has suffered dental trauma or is showing symptoms of a severely worsening dental infection, you should bring your child in for an emergency dental appointment as soon as possible.


Our Kool Smiles Kids Club partners are always ready to help you figure out how to get emergency dental care and cover as much of the cost of their procedures as possible.


Looking for a dentist in your area? Our partner dentist network has more than 120 locations in 15 states, including Washington, D.C. They accept Medicaid, TriCare, government-funded insurance programs, most major insurances, cash or credit, and CareCredit.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call our Kool Smiles Kids Club partners  at 877-200-2064 or find a partner dentist in your area!