How to Fix a Chipped Front Tooth


A chipped front tooth is a typical dental crisis that can be brought about by a hit to the mouth, tumbling down, or when someone  nibbles on something hard.


If your child encounters a cracked tooth, you should see a dentist instead of attempting to patch it yourself. A dentist can get the tooth fixed and facilitate the recovery.



What to do When Your Child Has a Chipped Front Tooth

Do not attempt to fix a broken tooth all by yourself. If your child has tooth decay within the chipped tooth, you could aggravate the situation and cause an infection.


Your ultimate decision should be contacting a dentist as soon as possible. If you can’t get to a dentist immediately, there are some first aid treatments you can utilize to keep your child comfortable.


  • Give your child an over the counter pain relief pill (ensure you adhere to the dosage guidelines unless otherwise stated by the dentist).


  • Rinse your child’s mouth with saltwater.


  • Place sugarless gum or dental wax over the rough edges of the tooth.


  • Give your child soft meals and advise them to avoid clenching down on the cracked tooth.


Dental Remedies to Restoring a Chipped Front Tooth

At the dental office, your child’s dentist will assess the chipped tooth and find out the degree of the injury. Contingent upon how terrible the damage is, the dentist may be able to fix the tooth during your visit.


Here are four regular cures that a dentist may recommend for fixing a broken anterior tooth:


  • Bonding- The dentist may support this procedure as an answer for small chips with less discomfort. This strategy doesn’t utilize sedation (medication for numbness), and it’s usually completed in less than an hour.


  • Veneers- If you encounter a more critical chip, veneers are an ideal choice for remedy. They are porcelain covers that give a smooth, inherent look on your child’s front teeth.


  • Crowns- Like veneers, crowns are porcelain covers. However, a crown usually covers the whole tooth. They are suggested for a child that has lost a huge part of their real tooth.


  • Dental Implants- If your child’s tooth has broken right underneath the surface of the gum line, the dentist may recommend extracting the tooth and replacing it with a dental implant. This could fill in as a preventive measure against disease or ensuing root canal.


The dentist may also suggest a dental filling for basic chips or breaks.



The Dental Bonding Process

The dental bonding process is one of the most widely recognized methods for fixing a chipped or broken tooth, and the strategy is quite straightforward.


  1. The dentist will begin by making the tooth’s surface rough, which makes it simpler for the bonding material to stick.


  1. A sticky material is applied next, followed by a tooth-hued resin.


  1. The bonding material is then put on and carved to resemble the initial tooth.


  1. UV light or laser hardens the material into place, and the tooth is good to go.


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