What Is the Average Cost of Braces for Children?


Every year, millions of Americans seek orthodontic care to straighten their teeth. For children, on average, the cost of braces ranges from $3,000 to $7,000. There’s not one standard price for braces and the cost can often depend on a variety of factors. But there are many ways for you to cut down on the cost of braces and keep your child smiling.

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Lowering the Cost of Braces for Kids

How much straightening your child’s teeth actually need is one factor that can come into play when considering the average cost of braces. Of course, other factors include where you live and the type of braces your child needs.

Braces for children are often slightly less expensive than the adult version. This is due to less material being needed for the smaller mouths of children. But how exactly do you stay below the average cost for your child’s braces?


Here’s three ways to keep orthodontic costs down:

1. Use Medicaid Coverage

Medicaid coverage can fluctuate from state to state, but it will usually cover at least a partial cost of braces.

Find out if you’re eligible for Medicaid and talk with a representative at your state’s Medicaid program to see if braces can be covered.


2. Find a Discount Program

Discount programs allow you to pay for dental services at a fixed or low monthly rate. Call Kool Smiles Kids Club partners to speak to a friendly staff member about your best options for a discount program.


3. Select Traditional Metal Braces

A few different types of braces vary in price range, but traditional metal braces are generally the least expensive. For the most affordable option, you can simply sidestep the costlier version and select the more traditional metal braces.

No doubt braces can be expensive, but by taking a few careful steps to lower costs, you’ll be able to find affordable braces to ensure the healthy smile your child deserves.

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