How Much Do Root Canals Cost? | Average Price of a Root Canal

When a child is experiencing a lot of pain in one of their teeth, a root canal may be the only solution. When the pulp or root of a tooth becomes infected, the pain can be overwhelming, and a root canal is one of the only remedies. But how much does a root canal cost?


The cost of a root canal can vary because there are many factors involved in the procedure. With this article, we’ll share some valuable information to help you get a good idea of the cost of a child’s root canal.

Why Does a Root Canal Cost Vary?

As with any procedure, there are multiple components that contribute to root canal costs. That’s why it is difficult to determine an exact price for the procedure. In the next sections, we hope to give you some clarity.

What Tooth is Affected?

Not all teeth are the same. So, not all root canals will cost the same amount. Some teeth, such as those closer to the front of the mouth, have a single root. Molars and premolars have multiple roots. Here is a general idea of how that distinction can affect a root canal’s price point:


  • Incisors and canine teeth: $400-1,000
  • Premolars and molars: $500-1,400


The age of the tooth also plays a role. For baby teeth, the root canal procedure is much easier. That means a shorter operation and a lower bill. For adult teeth, the opposite is true.

Who is Performing the Canal?

There are more than one dental professionals who can perform a root canal. Depending on who you see, your costs may change.


For instance, an endodontist has more specialized knowledge in root canal treatments. That enhanced knowledge makes for a higher fee than if a general dentist performs the procedure.

Looking Beyond the Root Canal Procedure

A procedure that is as involved as a root canal can call for more than a single visit to the dentist’s office. After the root canal is complete, your child will likely need a few follow-up visits.


A lot of patients don’t realize that a root canal is not a one-visit fix and are surprised by the extra costs of a follow-up. But remember that follow-up appointments are crucial for making sure that the root canal was a success.

Those follow up appointments will help your child’s teeth regain their full strength. By sticking to an ideal treatment process, that tooth will be as good as new.

What About Insurance?

Many parents wonder if insurance will help with covering the cost of a root canal. While we can’t speak for other offices, at Kool Smiles partner dentist offices, we do all we can to give your child healthy teeth at a reasonable price. As a part of that effort, we accept many forms of insurance such as Medicaid, TRICARE, and SCHIP.

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