Why Is There a Big Gap Between My Kid’s Teeth?

A gap between the teeth can have various possible causes. Some kids will find it okay because it kinda makes their smile unique, while others find it as something that must be fixed.

If there’s a gap between your kid’s teeth and you’re concerned about it, contact your dentist in order to find out what to do. A thorough examination of your kid’s teeth should help the dentist come up with some valuable recommendations.

Gap Between Teeth: Should You Be Concerned?

If you’re concerned about your kid’s tooth gap, it’s perfectly understandable. If you’re not worried at all, that’s fine too. You’d see lots of kids with gaps on their teeth, most cases of which eventually close up once the permanent teeth begin to erupt. For gaps that remain open, however, there are a lot of possible reasons.

One common cause is that your kid’s teeth are too small for the size of his or her jaws. In this case, the gaps can be closed by orthodontic treatment, a.k.a. braces.

Another reason for the gaps is gum disease, particularly the advanced form that causes the destruction of the bone that surrounds the teeth. As the bone support of the teeth diminishes, they get loose, causing them to flare up and have gaps. To determine the true reason for your kid’s tooth gap, consult a dentist.

When Should A Tooth Gap Be Treated?

Tooth gap must be treated if it is or can cause additional dental problems. If any of the following causes your kid’s tooth gap, it must be treated right away:

  • Small tooth size in a relatively large jaw
  • Congenitally-missing or extracted teeth
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Thick or oversized labial frenum – a frenum is a band of soft tissue that attaches the lip to the gums

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