How Much Does Dental Insurance Cost for One Person?


There’s no one-size-fits-all insurance plan, and the cost of insurance varies from person-to-person. There are many variables that affect the cost of insurance – location, plan type, level of coverage, healthcare needs, and more. Insurance plans for children generally carry a unique set of variables and coverage levels.


In this article, we’ll look at the average cost of insurance for one person, and we’ll detail the coverage that’s typically provided at that cost.



How Much Does Dental Insurance Cost for One Person?

Corporate and group policies that charge an annual premium usually cost between $234 and $432 per person, per year. The cost to purchase an individual dental insurance policy on its own is typically around $360 per year.


At first glance, these average insurance costs likely seem a little steep. If you consider the cost of dental care, though, dental insurance is quite reasonably priced.


According to the American Dental Association, the average costs of routine procedures are as follows:

  • Routine exam: $44.10
  • Cleaning: $61.14 (for children)
  • Fluoride: $31.70 (for children)


Non-routine procedures cost significantly more:

  • Routine exam with x-rays and cleaning: $288
  • Filling(s): $50–$4,500
  • Extraction(s): $75–$600
  • Crown(s): $328–$821
  • Root Canal: $120–$185


What Does Dental Insurance Cover?

Some plans provide 100-80-50 dental coverage, where the insurance company covers 100% of the cost for routine preventive and diagnostic care, 80% for basic/common procedures, and 50% for major/less common procedures.


The thought of extra costs like premiums and deductibles can be off-putting, but if your child needs a major treatment, you’ll feel much better knowing that your insurance company is going to chip in.



Affordable Dental Care with a Kool Smiles Partner

Kool Smiles Kids Club has partner dentists across the country. Our partners believe that every child deserves access to quality dental care, and they’ll work with your insurance provider to ensure your child gets the care they need.


If cost is a concern and you don’t have insurance for your child, we have partners who offer affordable payment options.




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