What Causes Baby Teeth to Turn Black?

A number of factors may be responsible for making your child’s teeth appear dark, or turn entirely black. Some of the most common causes include bacterial infection, lack of or inadequate oral hygiene, and even trauma. It is for this reason that healthy oral hygiene habits must be encouraged and inculcated at an early age.
Following are some more causes for black teeth in children and tips on how tooth decay can be prevented.

Causes of Black Lesions of Your Child’s Teeth

You’ll see your child’s very first tooth erupt into the oral cavity when they are about six months old. From this point on, you must establish a daily cleaning and care routine, something that your child will be able to learn and practice on their own when they’re old enough.

There is absolutely no need to panic if you notice that your child’s tooth has started to look discolored. Call the dentist to book an appointment, and have the tooth professionally evaluated. Our team of experts is always here to help treat dental ailments, and protect the teeth and gums from harmful infections.

Your child’s teeth may start turning black due to:

  • Improper oral hygiene or inadequate brushing
  • Excessive use of Fluoride
  • Medication/Vitamin overuse
  • Direct trauma to the mouth or teeth
  • Congenital Enamel Deformities
  • Dentin Dysplasia Type I

Tips to Prevent Dental Decay

In order to keep your little one’s mouth healthy and free from decay or infections, avoid introducing any sugary foods or beverages in his or her diet. Another helpful tip is to never allow your baby to go to sleep with a milk bottle in his or her mouth, as this can lead to a specific type of dental decay known as Infant Caries.

Caries is an infectious condition, which is why if you notice a decayed lesion or a cavity in your mouth you must avoid sharing toothbrushes, silverware and other common items with your child. Keep your mouth clean, and seek treatment for the decay as soon as you can.

Brush and floss every day, and encourage your child to do the same.

Fight Dental Caries at Any Age

There’s no need to worry if you notice that your child’s tooth has started going black. This is because our clinic accepts multiple payment methods, as well as Medicaid to make sure all families get the top quality, timely dental treatment they need and deserve.

We welcome new families, and we love getting to know our youngest patients! Let’s fight caries together. Kool Smiles Partner Dentists offer general and pediatric dental services. Find a location near you to book your appointment today.