Find an Amerigroup Medicaid Dentist

Looking for an Amerigroup Medicaid dentist in your area for your children? We’ve got you covered!

Our Kool Smiles Kids Club partners are located all over the nation. We accept various modes of payment, including government funded dental insurance. We have more than 120 centers nationally, so check out the states served by Amerigroup Medicaid to find a location near you!

For more information about Amerigroup Medicaid dental coverage, contact one of our Kool Smile Kids Club partner dentists at 254-781-0553 and our dedicated staff will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

About Amerigroup Medicaid

Amerigroup is a private contractor involved in managing government-funded health benefit programs in 11 states, and is currently serving approximately 3.5 million members. Medicare, Medicaid, and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) are just some of the programs managed by Amerigroup. Families trust these programs because they provide them with excellent care for their family’s healthcare needs and dental visits.

Locations where Amerigroup Medicaid is available:

  • Georgia
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • New Jersey
  • Nevada
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Washington

What Amerigroup Medicaid Coverage Covers

What is included in your Amerigroup Medicaid Plan will depend on your state. For instance, if you live in Virginia and you need to get accidental dental injury treatment for your child, then you are required to make the request within 60 days of the accident. To know more about your coverage, go through your state’s membership guidelines. In all the states listed above, Amerigroup Medicaid plans will cover the following at little to no cost to you.

  • Pain relief and treatment of infections, such as cavities.
  • Teeth restoration (e.g., if your child’s tooth is broken and will require emergency treatment)
  • Dental health maintenance (like teeth scaling and routine dental checkups)

Generally, all kids will receive the following services which are included under minimal coverage:

  • Dental check-ups— At each appointment, dentist will do a thorough dental exam, during which they can tell you if the child has any infection or disease. They can also tell you about future problems that may come up, if any. From there they will proceed with routine teeth cleaning.
  • Diagnostic tests—Tests are done if the dentist finds any problems to determine the cause of the problem areas. Issues like decays are not always visible with naked eyes and will need an x-ray to determine the location of the decay.
  • Teeth cleanings—Routine cleanings include removal of any tartar. A specific dental toothbrush will then be used to scrub teeth gently to remove the remaining plaque. Flossing between each teeth and fluoride treatment will follow, which helps to make enamel stronger, preventing any further decay for a longer period.
  • Orthodontic consultation— Once your child turns 7, you can also get a complementary braces consultation for your child. Dentists can predict the need for braces and will also explain you about different types available and what is the best suitable choice for your child.
  • Root canals and crowns—Root canal treatments are performed when decay has reached the deepest layer of the tooth (called “pulp”). A crown might be needed after root canal treatment to prevent teeth from further damage.
  • Cavity fillings—Kid’s teeth are not as strong as grown-ups, so they have more risk of getting dental cavities. Our Kool Smiles partner dentists can give you a variety of dental filling treatments, with different materials, to choose from. For example, composite, metal, porcelain etc.

Your location will determine your child’s options for these dental treatments. Normally, Amerigroup Medicaid will give either full or partial coverage for these services if they are deemed necessary (from medical point of view).

toddler chewing toothbrush

Types of Insurance That Kool Smiles Kids Club Partners Accept:

We believe that dental treatments should be accessible to everybody. That’s why our Kool Smile Kids Club partners accept many types of insurances and payments methods, such as:

  • Amerigroup Medicaid
  • Medicaid
  • Private dental insurance
  • CareCredit (We’ll be happy to help you with your application in our office!)
  • Credit
  • Cash


Kool Smiles Kids Club Amerigroup Medicaid Dentists

Our Kool Smiles Kids Club partner dentists have teams of both general dentists, as well as specialists. A general dentist can perform several dental procedures from teeth cleaning to emergency care, while specialists may include:

  • Pediatric dentists— Milk Teeth are different from the permanent teeth. These specialists get additional training to operate on milk teeth and prescribing medicines to children.
  • Orthodontists—These dentists are trained to fit your child for braces. They can tell you if your child needs braces or not, from the medical point of view, and also what type of braces are suitable for him.
  • Endodontists—These specialists are trained in root canal treatments and other procedures which involves operating from inside the tooth.
  • Oral surgeons—These dental professionals are experts in performing surgery on the face, jaw or mouth to that can improve function, appearance, and overall oral health.

group of mothers smiling while holding child

How Kool Smiles Kids Club Partners Helps Kids and Families

Along with accepting Amerigroup Medicaid, Kool Smiles Kid Club partners are devoted to providing quality dental care at reasonable prices for all children. We aim to help out in areas which are in greatest need of dental services, and where Amerigroup is not commonly accepted. We also help to make your child’s visit fun, with things like:

  • Kid-friendly waiting rooms. As you enter a Kool Smile Kids Club partner’s office, our waiting rooms are created with designs and vivid colors that are geared towards kids. They’re also filled with interesting games, activities, and books to help keep them entertained.
  • Also, several of the offices have playgrounds. This is a great way to let your child burn off some excess energy before and after their dental treatment.
  • With such a wide variety of needs, our dentists are ready to work with children of all ages. We can help your child feel comfortable, even if they’re inexperienced with dental visits.
  • Additionally, we have specially designed tools that fit easily in children’s small mouths so that they do not feel awkward during the treatment.

Parents are important to us, and you can trust Kool Smile Kids Club partner dentists for the treatment of your child in a friendly, hygienic environment. This is how our dentists can make your visit an enjoyable one, and how we can make it easy on you and your family:

  • Many of the Kool Smiles dental offices are open on Saturdays, and some of them are operational even on Sundays! We do this to help parents to find the time in their busy schedule, without having to take time off from work.
  • Our dental offices have a viewing room! Parents can watch their child being treated on dental chair, which can help alleviate anxiety in both the child and the parent. Our staff is also flexible in allowing parents to accompany children during their treatment if child is too young or if child has come for their first dental appointment.
  • Parents and children are educated at each visit by our dental staff to help have clear understanding of the problems and the treatment. Having this knowledge can help you and your child to prevent future problems as well. One of many important skills, toothbrushing technique is taught so that your child can better clean their teeth and develop good habits.

Chances are, there’s a Kool Smile Kid Club partner’s office in your nearby area, thanks to our offices being located in 15 states, including Washington DC. We’d love to help you find a location that accepts Amerigroup Medicaid near you!


Dental Appointments through Amerigroup Membership at Kool Smiles Kids Club Partner Offices

Kool Smiles Kids Club partner dentists help children to develop a lifetime of healthy dental hygiene habits. If you have Amerigroup Medicaid plan and you want a dental checkup for your child.

We are always ready to welcome new patients, and we are working hard to give your child a healthy smile for years ahead!