Finding a Dental Office that Accepts Medicaid


We have over 120 different locations in the United States, all of which accept Medicaid. We also accept TRICARE, Child Health Insurance Programs (also known as CHIPs) as well as most commercial insurances and private pay. These programs provide access to exams, cleanings, and other preventative dental care.

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Medicaid, CHIPs, and other FAQs:

Our main focus when it comes to your children is to ensure they have access to the highest quality dental care whatever their insurance may be. With this, here are some of the more common questions we hear:

Is CHIPs the same as Medicaid?

No, Children’s Health Insurance Programs (aka CHIPs) are designed to be low-cost insurance for children whose families make too much money for Medicaid, but still, need assistance for their children’s dental insurance. The coverage provided by CHIPs can vary state by state.

What if we have multiple children and have Medicaid, is there a limit to how many you’ll see?

We’d love to see all your kids! We have no limit to how many families we can treat that pay with Medicaid, and we love seeing new patients. Go online or call us to make an appointment!

Is teeth whitening covered by Medicaid?

Medicaid will only cover things for which there is a medical reason for. Things like cleanings, exams, fixing dental problems, or sealants qualify as medical reasons; anything for which there is not a medical reason will not be covered.

My children are all really young, do they still need to go to a dentist?

Absolutely. Anytime after their first birthday, it’s recommended they start regular visits. Even when they still have their baby teeth (or “milk teeth”) they need consistent care to ensure their baby teeth help pave the way for their permanents to come in. Parents Magazine has a great article on how early care can help your child.

We Offer Affordable Care

Our first-rate team members are trained to help your child, and our offices are designed to keep your kids entertained as well as educated—many of our offices even have playgrounds. Call or go online to book an appointment today!