Finding Dentists Nearby is Easy

If you wish to find a dentist near you to take care of your kid’s dental needs, then all you have to do is key in your city and state or zip code and choose from the available dentist within your area.

Picking the Right Dentist for Your Kid

If you already have the list of all the dentists near your area, the next challenge you’ll have to face is finding a provider that specializes in handling kids. A general dentist will usually suffice, but its advantage is you find a specialist that is more well-equipped in providing your kid’s dental care needs.

Pediatric dentists are more experienced and knowledgeable in working with kids, and their dental office is also more kid-friendly. Most pediatric dental offices have play areas to entertain your kid while they’re waiting for their turn in the operatory.

Needless to say, it is also a must to find a dental office that accepts insurance. Some of the most commonly accepted dental insurance includes Medicaid, SCHIP, and TRICARE. If you don’t have any of those, you may also consider CareCredit.

FAQs About Dental Care for Kids

Cliche as it may sound, but “teach them young” also applies to your kid’s oral health. Good oral hygiene starts at home, and your kid’s dentist is there as a support system. At any rate, if you have any questions about your kid’s dental health, don’t hesitate to ask the specialists. Some of the FAQs by parents include:

How should I take care of my kid’s baby teeth?

To take care of your kid’s oral health even before the first tooth erupts, wipe the gums gently with a soft damp cloth. Then, when the first tooth comes out at around the sixth or seventh month, continue doing the same to keep the tooth and gums free from bacteria and other debris. It is important to keep in mind that unless you were instructed by your dentist, never apply toothpaste to your kid’s teeth. Toothpastes are generally not recommended for kids aged two and below.

How can I make brushing fun for my kid?

Make brushing something to look forward to by your kid by turning it into a game. “Count your teeth” is a good example, and it is done with you and your kid counting out loud for each tooth after they’ve been brushed.

Setting an example is likewise an important tool for encouraging your kid to practice good oral hygiene. Show him or her yourself how to do it right, and explain how important brushing is in maintaining a healthy smile. If you can, brush your teeth together with your kid.