Kool Smiles | Your Family Dentist

Looking for the right dentist to take care of your family’s dental care needs can be quite a chore, especially if you’re busy. Nonetheless, it is suggested that you find one who is near your location and can provide low-cost yet high-quality dental care at convenient times.

Dental Services for Your Family

When it comes to picking your family dentist, it is only natural to want the best dental care provider for your family. Some of the services offered by a family dentist include:

  • Clinical examination
  • X-rays and other diagnostics
  • Professional cleaning
  • Restorative procedures
  • Preventive treatment (i.e. fluoride application, sealant, preventive restoration)

It’s also better if more specialized services such as pediatric dental procedures and orthodontics are also offered.

What to Look For in Your Family Dentist

When looking for a dental office to serve your family, find one that you think your kid would enjoy visiting.

One characteristic of family-friendly dental offices are those that feature brightly-colored walls and rooms, and sometimes with a playground, toys, and games your kid can play with while waiting.

Apart from the engaging rooms, the family dentist should have the best technique for explaining to your kid how to properly maintain his or her oral hygiene. More than the treatment itself, another main goal of having a family dentist is to educate the whole family especially the kids on how to take care of their teeth until they grow up.

Convenience and Affordability

If you are busy and you can’t afford to visit the dentist during normal business hours, that’s fine. There are family dentists who are open on evenings and weekends, so that your family won’t have to miss school or work. There are also those who are available to handle dental emergencies, as these cases happen when you least expect them.

As for price, you can help reduce your expenses by enrolling in government-funded insurance plans such as Medicaid and TRICARE.