Can My Child Go to the Dentist Without Insurance?

Can My Child Go to the Dentist Without Insurance?

Healthy oral hygiene habits are an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Your child’s teeth are important! To keep them in tip-top shape, your child should see a dentist every six months or so – even if you don’t have insurance.


The Kool Smiles Kids Club understands that the cost of dental care can place a strain on families who are uninsured. We’ve partnered with a network of dentists who aim to provide high-quality, affordable care for all children, regardless of insurance status.



Kool Smiles’ Partner Dentists Accept Medicaid and TRICARE

Kool Smiles Kids Club has partner dentists across the U.S. who welcome patients with Medicaid, TRICARE, CHIP (formerly SCHIP), and most major insurance plans. But having insurance shouldn’t be a prerequisite for receiving quality dental care – our partner dentists strive to provide quality care for every child. If your child isn’t covered under any type of insurance policy, speak to a team member at your nearest Kool Smiles partner clinic to discuss payment options.


Our Partner Dentists’ Services Are Cost-friendly and Kid-friendly

With Kool Smiles, low-cost and high-quality go hand in hand. When you choose a Kool Smiles partner clinic for your child’s dental care, you’re choosing:

  • Comfortable, welcoming waiting areas.
  • A calming environment.
  • Caring, friendly dentists and staff.
  • Engaging educational programs to help your child build healthy habits.
  • Dentists who are experienced in caring for children.


Your child should see a dentist for the first time soon after their first tooth appears, or by the age of one, and every six months after.



Kool Smiles’ Partners Ensure Patient and Parent Satisfaction

Kool Smiles Kids Club’s partner dentists go above and beyond to exceed expectations. Our partners keep kids happy by engaging and encouraging them and keep parents happy by providing the peace of mind that comes from securing high-quality, affordable dental care for their families.