A Dentist Always Kool With Medicaid

If you have Medicaid, you’ve likely noticed that many dentists limit the number of Medicaid patients they’ll see, or worse, won’t accept Medicaid at all. Kool Smiles Kids Club has partner dentists across the country who are happy to welcome patients with Medicaid.

Affordable Payment Options With a Kool Smiles Partner Dentist

Nationwide, around one in three dental offices accepts Medicaid. Of the dentists who do accept Medicaid, few see an unlimited number of Medicaid patients per day. That’s where Kool Smiles partner dentists comes in! When you choose a Kool Smiles Kids Club partner dentist for your child’s dental care, you can rest assured that your child’s health is a priority, regardless of which type of insurance coverage your family has.

If you’re not enrolled in Medicaid, but you think you might be eligible, visit the Medicaid.gov website.

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Why Choose a Kool Smiles Partner Dentist?

Medicaid helps cover basic medical and dental costs for the significant number of children in the U.S. whose families have limited income. Besides welcoming patients with Medicaid, Kool Smiles Kids Club’s partner dentists make quality dental care accessible by:

  • Accepting TRICARE, CHIP (formerly SCHIP), and most major insurance plans.
  • Accepting cash, credit, and CareCredit.
  • Working extended hours, including weekends, to accommodate busy families.