Are There Dentists That Take State Insurance?


State-insured families might feel limited when it comes to their dental care options. They might wonder if there are any dentists that take state insurance. Every family wants their children to have healthy smiles with a dentist to count on for quality oral health.


The Kool Smiles Kids Club mission is to connect people with quality dental care through our partner dentists, regardless of the insurance provider. We are proud to be partnered with dentists that accept state insurance plans because we stand by that every child deserves quality dental care at affordable prices.


We want to help finance the best dental care for every child, even those from underserved communities. Our partner dentists offer services to families under Medicaid, TRICARE, and State Children’s Health Insurance Program or (SCHIP), and many other state programs.

Our Partner Dentists Accept Many State Plans Including:


  • Healthy Smiles (Maryland)
  • South Carolina Medicaid
  • Oklahoma Soonercare
  • Smiles for Children of Virginia
  • Mass Health (Massachusetts)
  • MS Medicaid (Mississippi)
  • LA Medicaid (Louisiana)
  • Indiana Health Coverage Program
  • GA Medicaid (Georgia)
  • DE Medicaid (Delaware)
  • DC Medicaid (Washington D.C.)
  • AZ Medicaid (Arizona)
  • ACS PeachCare (Georgia)
  • All Kids (Alabama)


Many of these state insurance plans we honor include dental exams, cleanings, fillings, x-rays, fluoride treatment, and more.

Why Accepting State Insurance Matters

Twenty-four states in the U.S. have seen a 10% increase in the number of children who receive dental care. Children can access preventive dental services that will give them healthier mouths and smiles when they grow up.


Healthcare is a significant concern in the United States. Many families worry that they can afford the most competitive healthcare plans. There have been efforts to expand and increase the availability of affordable dental care.


We understand the difficulties of the healthcare system. It’s difficult for parents to feel that they have to sacrifice one area of their child’s healthcare for another. All families want the best for their children’s health, and that’s why our partner dentists are so flexible when it comes to both payment options and health insurance plans.


Kool Smiles Kids Club wants to be a part of helping families find dentists that accept state insurance. Our team of highly experienced partner dentists are eager to serve communities and families by offering competitive and flexible payment options.


We believe every child deserves excellent dental hygiene. You don’t have to feel limited anymore when it comes to your state or federal insurance plan. We want to work with families to help them give their kids the best in dental care.

Call Us Today–We Take State Insurance

Looking for a dentist in your area? Our partner dentist network has more than 120 locations in 15 states, including Washington, D.C. They accept Medicaid, TriCare, government-funded insurance programs, most major insurances, cash or credit, and CareCredit.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 877-200-2064 or find a partner dentist in your area!