Dentists Who Take Medicaid Are No Longer Hard to Find

If you take a look at the Medicaid coverage map, you’ll notice that there is generally a low Medicaid acceptance rate, especially in the Southeast. Fortunately, we accept Medicaid at all of our locations without ever limiting the number of patients that we see per day.

We understand that dental care is of the utmost important for kids and adults alike. An untreated cavity, or overcrowding of the dental arches can lead to the development of decay, and diseases of the gums and periodontium. Our experts recommend that you come visit us at least twice a year for your routine check-up and clean appointments.


Our Orthodontists Accept Medicaid

Finding a dentist that accepts Medicaid is actually much easier than you think. All you need to do is:

Enter you information to see if you qualify for coverage by Medicaid. Every state has a different set of policies that you should go through to understand which treatments will be covered, and what makes you eligible.

Find a location—
Because we have so many locations nationwide, there is always a chance that one of our offices is near you too! Search our address to see if one of our dentists is in your vicinity. We’re now open for extended hours throughout the week!

Make an appointment—
When you have successfully located our office near you, all you have to do is give is a call and we’ll promptly schedule you an appointment. Our patient forms are available in both, Spanish and English for your convenience – and we also have Spanish-speaking employees that can assist you if needed!

Don’t worry even if you find that you are ineligible for Medicaid, because we accept multiple modes of payment and you can choose one that you’re comfortable with.



Our Multiple Payment Options

We want our patients to always feel comfortable and at ease when they visit us – especially when it comes to payments. At our office, you don’t have to worry if you’re not covered by Medicaid, or if you don’t have insurance. We accept cash, credit cards, CareCredit, TRICARE, State Children’s Health Programs (SCHIP), Medicaid, all major insurances, and state-specific coverage policies.

In addition to all this, we also offer the Resolution Dental Plan, which is essentially a discount plan for your dental needs. Once you become part of it, you have access to upfront pricing for all treatments so you know exactly what to expect the moment that you book an appointment with us.


What Dental Services Are Covered Through Medicaid?

It is important to understand that not all dentists accept Medicaid, and not all treatments can be covered by it. This is can be very problematic for patients who are often unable to get quality dental treatments because they are too expensive. While Medicaid policies differ from state to state, some of the dental treatments that are generally covered include:


Relief of pain and infections

Treatments of dental and gingival infections, or severe pain are generally covered by Medicaid.


Tooth restoration

Tooth restoration often depends upon the coverage provided by the State, but if you happen to have lost a tooth during an accident or fall, you should be covered by Medicaid.


Maintenance of dental health

All your cleaning and routine exams are also covered in most cases.


Dental evaluation for children is always covered, and Medicaid also covers all the treatments that are deemed necessary by a dentist and which my impact overall health. If a surgeon diagnoses a condition during a regular screening, the state is responsible for having it treated regardless of whether it is included in the plan.


Why Do You Need to See a Dentist?

Although many Americans fear the dentist, getting regular dental cleanings is important for your oral health and can protect you from oral disease, which can spread to other parts of your body.


Here’s why you should prioritize visits to the dentist:


You can have fillings, dental implants, or other dental procedures done in order to make sure everything is in working order and doesn’t need to be replaced.

A dentist can recommend better strategies to increasing your oral habits and preventing decay or disease from appearing.

You can receive a deep cleaning that will remove plaque and tartar from your teeth.

The dentist can advise on what treatments need to be done, if any, and recommend you to an orthodontist or other specialist.

The American Academy of Periodontology recommends that every adult receive a periodontal evaluation each year. In this evaluation, a dentist will evaluate your teeth, gums and plaque buildup to make sure your oral health is strong and no follow-up treatment is needed.


What could happen if you don’t see a dentist?

Root canals and cavities aren’t the only things that you should be concerned about when you start missing appointments. There are worse complications that can affect your overall health, which is why visiting the dental office at least twice a year is essential.

Some of these complications include formation of abscesses, decay, sinus infections, damage to the underlying jaw bone, development of Gingivitis or Periodontitis, and early tooth loss. According to a recent study, it was concluded that patients with advanced gum diseases were more likely to have other chronic conditions as well.

Prevention is better than cure, and it’s always best to avoid a larger problem by seeking help in a timely manner.


Medicaid Dental Services for Adults

While dental coverage for children enrolled in Medicaid is compulsory, this may not always hold true for adults. Some state may refuse dental services altogether, while others may outline very specific treatments and procedures. The state that do offer some dental coverage via Medicaid usually refer patients based off of one of three categories:


Emergency only

These states may not cover dental treatments that are not categorized as emergencies, which means that you will have to pay for procedures like cleaning and braces yourself.


Limited coverage

These states have a cap of $1000 per person, per year, and cover less than 100 procedures recognized by the American Dental Association (ADA).


Extensive coverage

These states offer a larger range of services recognized by the ADA and have a budget of $1000 per patient.



Book An Appointment with Our Team Today

Visiting the dental office at least twice a year for your check-up and cleaning appointments is imperative for optimal oral health. If you’re looking for dentists that accept Medicaid, look no further because you can get top quality treatments from one of our partner dentist.

Once you’ve located one of our Kool Smiles Partner dentist near you, all you have to do is pick up the phone and give them a call and they’ll make sure you get an appointment as soon as possible.

Our partner dentists are always here to help you in any way possible. Learn more about coverage plans, treatments and ways in which you can maintain good oral hygiene at home, by giving us a call today!