What Will the TRICARE Dental Program Cost Me?

Dental services and treatment might not be exactly cheap, but that doesn’t mean you and your children should go without care. If you or a relative of yours has served in one of the branches of the U.S. military, you might qualify for coverage under one of the available TRICARE dental plans.

TRICARE dental plans can help you access high-quality, affordable care to ensure a bright, healthy smile for your child throughout a lifetime.

TRICARE Helps You Access Quality Dental Care You Deserve

If you’ve devoted your time and energy to serve and protect your nation in the armed services, then your family is most likely eligible for coverage of dental health services under the TRICARE program. The TRICARE program offers two plans that cover different groups of people depending on their current military status. Coverage can also be obtained for your family members, including your children.

Dental Plans, Premiums and Costs Under TRICARE

TRICARE offers two separate dental plans, each targeted to different needs:

  • TRICARE Dental Program requires individuals to enroll and charges premiums for coverage.
  • TRICARE Active Duty Dental Program for those individuals who are currently serving on active duty in one of the branches of the armed forces. This program automatically enrolls active service members, complements on-base care and costs nothing for covered members.


Formerly, TRICARE also provided a program for retirees who formerly served in the military. That program ended in 2018, and retirees who were covered under that program are now covered by FEDVIP, the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program.

The TRICARE dental program costs include both monthly premiums and cost shares for the provided coverage. The monthly premium is the amount the covered individual prepays for the following month’s coverage. Exactly how much the monthly premiums are depends on whether the individual who serves (the military sponsor) is active duty, individual ready reserve or selected reserve. That amount is also determined in part by the kind of enrollment the covered individual has:

  • The sponsor individually
  • A single enrollment of a family member who is not the sponsor
  • A family enrollment, excluding the sponsor
  • Sponsor and family together

The cost share is the cost the insured person owes for the specific dental service or treatment. The specific amount depends on the kind of treatment or service provided, the pay grade of the sponsor, and the geographic area in which the treating dental practice is located.

Find a Kool Smiles Partner Who Accepts TRICARE Patients

If you’re looking for a dentist for your family who accepts new patients covered by TRICARE, we hope you’ll consider contacting one of the child-friendly dentists and orthodontists we’re proud to count among our Kool Smiles partners. Most are accepting new patients with TRICARE insurance coverage, and with dozens of locations all over the country, you may very well find one in your area.

At Kool Smiles, we are grateful to all of our military veterans for their selfless service to the nation. We think you deserve high-quality, accessible, and affordable dental health care. That’s why we’ve partnered with such great dentists in areas all over the country. One of them may be conveniently located near you.

Look for one of our great partner dentists in your area and give them a call today. Whether your family is covered by TRICARE, Medicaid, or some other insurance, or whether you need some help coming up with a cash- or credit card-based payment option, they’ll be happy to help you and your child.



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