What Is the Average Cost of a Tooth Bridge?


A dental tooth bridge is designed to treat situations where a tooth is missing or a gap exists between two adjacent teeth. This procedure includes a crown for each tooth (e.g., on both sides of the gap) and the placement of one or more false teeth, depending on the size of the gap.

The average price of a tooth bridge varies depending on several factors. Generally, the cost of a dental bridge in the United States will cost anywhere from $700 to $1,500 per tooth.

Read on to discover the factors that impact the costs of dental tooth bridge work and what role the procedure plays in maintaining your child’s good dental health.

What Factors Affect the Cost of a Dental Tooth Bridge?

The final cost of a tooth bridge depends on several factors, including the following:

  1. Type and amount of materials used: Your child’s dental bridge will include the positioning of one or more false teeth. Those false tooth structures can be constructed from a number of different materials, such as alloys, plastic, gold, porcelain, and other substances.
  2. Your insurance, if any: Patients who are covered by dental insurance should double-check their plan terms carefully. Your out-of-pocket costs for your child’s tooth bridge can be minimal or significant, or anywhere in between.
  3. Additional work required: In many cases, the patient may require additional work in one or both of the teeth adjacent to the bridge. Some enamel of the teeth generally needs to be reduced in order to allow for a comfortable fit of the crowns over the teeth. The dentist may also need to perform other procedures like fillings and root canals to complete the procedure properly.
  4. Location and skill level of the professionals: As with most oral healthcare services, the location and geographic market of the dentist can impact the cost of those services. More highly skilled and experienced dentists in a larger, more urban environment may also charge a higher fee for a bridge procedure.

What Does the Dental Tooth Bridge Procedure Involve?

When your child is scheduled for a tooth bridge procedure, the work will generally take place over two appointments. Initially, your child’s dentist will conduct a thorough exam, which may also involve getting a set of X-rays in order to ascertain what kind of bridge your child requires. Next, the dentist will make a model of your child’s mouth, from which your child’s bridge will be crafted for a precise fit.

At the second appointment, the dentist will prepare the teeth on each side of the bridge to ensure a good fit for the crowns. After affixing the crowns to the involved teeth, the dentist will check the false tooth to make sure it’s stable and secure.

A child’s dental bridge may last anywhere from 10 to 20 years if the child exercises proper oral care habits.

What Are the Risks of Your Child Going Without a Dental Bridge?

If your child needs a dental tooth bridge and doesn’t get that procedure, it can create even further difficulties and risks for your child’s oral and general health.

  • Shifting teeth and misalignment
  • Developing or worsening speech impediments
  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease

Children with one or more missing teeth may very well require a tooth bridge. The only way to be sure is to make an appointment with your child’s dentist who can then assist you in pinpointing a treatment plan and the anticipated costs.

Let a Kool Smiles Partner Help Your Child With a Dental Bridge

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