Ideas for Choosing Colored Braces

Do you have a child who’s resistant to the idea of getting braces? Braces don’t have to be boring! Cool, colored braces can be a fun form of self-expression for kids. We’ve gathered a list of top tips for choosing colored braces that get the job done and look great doing it.

Ideas for Fashionable Braces

Overwhelmed with options? We get it! Here are some factors to consider when choosing colors for braces:

Hair and Skin Tone

Some colors tend to suit certain people better than others. If you’ve noticed that a particular color shirt looks great on your child, that’s a good place to start. In general:

  • Dark colors, like navy, deep green, and red, may be well-suited if your child has fair skin and hair.
  • If your child’s skin tone and hair are medium, he or she may want to try lighter and brighter colors, including lavender, blue, and yellow.
  • If your child has a dark skin tone and dark hair, bright colors like orange and neon green, or pastel colors like pink and baby blue, can really “pop!”

Remember, these are just ideas to get you started. At Kool Smiles Kids Club, we believe that all colors look great on all children.

Problematic Colors

White and clear braces are common choices among people who like a subtle look, but white and clear braces are easily stained by colored foods and beverages, like soda and ice pops.

Symbolic Colors

If your child is passionate about a particular sports team, holiday, or cause, they can use their braces to express that. Possible options include:

  • National colors
  • School colors
  • Holiday colors
  • Favorite sports team’s colors

Look at a Color Wheel

Your dentist will likely have a color wheel to show all the available braces colors, but if you’d like to plan ahead, find an online braces color wheel. Some online tools will even let you preview how your preferred color combination will look.

The orthodontist can change your child’s braces colors at every tightening appointment, so don’t worry too much about the colors they choose. If your child decides on lime green and neon yellow braces, they can always change them later!

Why Are Good Oral Habits Important?

We’ve covered the fun stuff. Let’s talk about oral hygiene. Cool, colored braces are much cooler when they’re sitting on clean, healthy teeth. Encourage your child to:

  • Carefully clean in and around the wires.
  • Brush after every meal, even at school.
  • Use mouthwash at least once per day.
  • Avoid hard and sticky foods.


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